O. Nekeekee Khubeekaa Bayaan - The Significance Of Good Deeds

umarohome(n) to barakat hove jo nek karo tum amal;
bure amalke barakatse(n)thee, umarohome(n) hove khalal;
nek kamaaeese(n)thee bhaaee, jeevankaa so fal paave;
jo kamaaee nahee(n) nek, to fokatt janam gamaave................190

You will have 'barakah' in your life if you perform pure deeds. Through the effect of bad deeds, there is shortcoming in life. Through pure earnings brother, you will attain the fruits of life. If the earnings are not pure, the whole life becomes a waste.

nekee karo bhaaee momeeno, sa(n)g badee karanhaar,
bhaaee to tu(n) sahee hove, us upar sardaar;
nekee karo bhaaee us sa(n)g, jo kare buraaee,
to sahee us upar hove teree, bohot baddaaee.....................191

Perform pure actions o brother momins, even to those who have done wrong. Brothers, then you will truly be a leader amongst them. Brothers be virtuous even in the company of those who do wrong, then truly greatness will be upon you.

bure kaam-me(n) ddheel karanaa, ebee hae daulat neeshaanee,
buraaeeme(n) dhheel karanaa, ebee hae nekee peechhaanee;
jeese daulat rabane deetee, soee nekee kamaayaa,
ke bure kaam upar apanaa, deel nahee chalaayaa..................192

Delaying in performing evil is also a sign of wealth. Delaying in performing vice is also regarded as recognition of virtue. The one whom the Lord has granted wealth, has truly earned purity.
For in bad deeds, he has not engaged his heart.

buraaee karate jo keese dekhe, to aap najar chukaannee,
deel bheetar raakhe nahee, naa kahe vae baa(n)haannee;
to bahot baddaaee usakee hove, sab jaanne ye mottaa,
jo ayb paarkaa sabaku(n) kaheve, to sab kahe ye khottaa.........193

If one sees someone do evil, he turns his eyes away from it, and does not keep anything inside him and does not reveal it to anyone. Then great dignity is due to him, and everyone considers him great. On the contrary, if one reveals the faults of others to all, then everyone will say he is false.

jo nek fa-aal kaheve sadaa, to nekee vae sahee paave,
jaysaa fa-aal neekaale ba(n)daa, taysaa aagal aave;
rahemat eelaahee umed raakho, maa(n)go aalam bhalaa,
ke aajthee kaal khub thaaesee, khub karegaa allaah..............194

If one gives good advice always, then he truly attains purity. According to how one gives advice, he progresses. Desire or hope for the mercy of God, ask for what is best in this world. For from today to tomorrow great things will happen, and God will perform all that is worthwhile.

neku(n)ke deel hae nur rab-baanee, ke haradam us deel vase rabakaa nur,
ke us deel khataraabee nek gujaare, pal pal vase rabake hazur;
nek hote tumaku(n) na lagatee kuchh ber, jo haradam karo nek ba(n)dagee kaam,
allaah ek paak jaann ba(n)dagee karo, to tum deel hove rabake nurkaa mukaam......195

***** ber???

In the hearts of the pure ones is the Light of the Lord, for the upon every breath the Lord's Light resides in their hearts. For his heart is pure even in times of danger, and he stays in the Lord's presence every moment. Being pure you will not feel any effect of worldly trials, if upon every breath you perform pure acts of servanthood. Perform servanthood realising that God is one and pure, then your heart will be the abode of the Lord's Light.

rab karannee jo tu(n) kasannee kare, to nekee kuv-vat sahee hove tere deel;
to eemaan teraa hove cha(n)gaa, or na hove kuchh eemaanme(n) khalal;
eemaan jo sudhaa to kasannee kar, kaarann rasul or aal rasul;
eenu(n) kaarann jo kasannee kare, to shafaa-et kare(n)ge zohraa batul....196

If for the sake of the work of the Lord, you undergo physical mortifications, then you will truly have the strength of purity in your heart. Then your Faith will be joyous(unshakable) and there will be no shortcoming in your Imaan. If your Faith is real, then undergo physical mortifications for the sake of the Messenger and the progeny of the Messenger. If for them you undergo physical mortifications, then Bibi Fatimaht Zahra will intercede for you.

judaaee bichhaddanaa aag katthan hae, dozakh aagathee e aag bhaaree;
dozakh ddarthee amal nek kare, jaane ke dozakh aag hae dushvaaree;
jeesaku(n) chaavaa rab meelnekaa vae gunaah na kare, ke beechhaddu(n)gaa rab deedaar;
to jo koee hae taalab maulaa, us man dozakh ddarthee e ddar hove beeseeyaar..197

The fire of separation is painful, this fire is more severe than the fire of hell. For fear of hell, (others) perform good deeds, knowing that the fire of hell is painful. Those who have the desire to meet the Lord, do not commit sins, for they will lose the Vision of the Lord. The one who is in search of Mawlaa, in his mind the fear (of separation) is stronger than the fear of hell.

khub bakht to usakaa jaanno, jeesaku(n) seerjannhaar sa(n)g preet;
kaam duneeyaa deen sab usaku(n) so(m)pe, e hae saache momankee reet;
jeev tan joru chhoru eemaan, e sab tujaku(n) rabane dee-aa;
deel taalaa kholo e ghar use so(m)po, sharam use jeene paydaa keeyaa.........198

Great fortune is with him who has the love for the company of the Creator. He leaves (the results or problems of) all his worldly and religious work up to Him, such is the behaviour of a true believer. Life, body, sons and daughters, all these are given to you by the Lord. Unlock your hearts and submit that house to Him, at the feet of the one who has created this world.(i.e. submit yourselves completely to the will of the Creator)

ganeemat meelee us keeseeku(n), jo koee taabe huvaa apane khaalak;
maulaa haeeyaatee ne rozee teree, e sabakaa vo hae maalak;
jo maare jeelaave ne khaanne deve, usakee karo neet ba(n)dagee;
jo duneeyaa kaarann par ba(n)dagee kare, to kharaab hove usakee jee(n)dagee.......199

Great wealth has been achieved by anyone who has been obedient to his creator. Your life and your livelihood, of all these He is the King. The one who gives and takes life and gives food, perform His servanthood. If one performs servanthood of others, for the sake of the world, then his life will be defiled.

ba(n)dagee karo khaalas khudaakee, umed na raakho ek tal bhaar;
khaalas ba(n)dagee khudaa meelaave, sukhasu(n) paave rabakaa deedaar;
jo umed chaave so khudaasu(n) paave, so umed sab tu(n) laalach jaan;
behest paayaa to kayaa baddaaee, purakh beenaa jeeyu(n) orat....200

Perform pure servanthood of God, do not desire even the weight of simsim seed. Pure servanthood unites one with God, and he happily attains the Lord's Vision. If one desires anything, he may attain it through God, but know that this desire is a temptation. If one attains paradise(without the Lord) then what is so great about it?
It is like a woman without a husband.

momeenkaa to maal ganeemat, jo koee heekamat paayaa;
baddee heekamat to e jaanno, jo kufar chhodd eeslaam-me(n) aayaa;
saaree umaroho khove traa(m)baa sonaa karate, sheekhe heekamat buvalee;
palame(n) dushaman khudaaekaa hove dost, e heekamat faraja(n)d shaahe murtazaa alee......201

A believer has abundant wealth, if he has attained merit or special skill. Know that great merit is attained when a person abandons infidelity and comes into the fold of Islam. A person loses his entire life converting copper into gold and learns about this skill from an expert(and in the process forgets his main purpose). In a moment an enemy of God becomes a friend, such is the (Divine) skill of Hazarat Aly's son(progeny).

aulee-aa khudaaekee baataa karo, to rahemat hove naazeel;
jeene kufar toddaa ne deen jagaayaa, sharavar sab valee-oke kaameel;
to pa(n)jatan rabane paak kee-e, peer hove jo unakee aal;
jo rahemat rabakee aap upar chaaho, to naam unakaa le-o har haal...........202

Talk about the vicegerant of God(the Prophet and his progeny), then Mercy will descend. The one who destroyed infidelity and awakened religion (in mankind), is indeed the perfect leader of all vicegerants (the seal of the prophets). Then the Lord purified his four close relatives and himself(panjtan paak), and the peers are their progeny. If you desire mercy of the Lord to descend upon you, then recite their name under any circumstance.

safaaee deelkee so eemaanse, jeesaka(n)se eemaan hove kaamal;
us man nahee jutth na hove keenaa, vae bure amalkaa na hoe aamal;
jo deel saaf hove to neet utth ba(n)dagee chaave nek kamaaee;
haraam khaanne jutth bolannese na karo eemaan a(n)dheraa, to paa-o deel safaaee...............203

The purity of the heart is derived from faith. The one who has perfect faith, his mind does not have any falsehood nor enmity, he is not the doer of evil. If the heart is pure, then he desires to rise up everyday and perform servanthood and pure deeds. By unlawful consumption, speaking lies do not darken your faith, then you will have cleanliness of the heart.

aachhee ba(n)dagee soee jaanno, jo kare aachhaa khaasaa nek kaam;
gareeb yateem haajatma(n)d sabase nekee karo, to hove teraa nek naam;
nekeese sab deel shaad raakho, or buraaee gafalat karo sab dur;
to sab deel mee(n)ne hae seerjanhaar, so tuj ghattme(n) kare roshan nur......204

Know the pure servanthood in truth as that in which a person does pure work. To the poor, the orphans and the disabled, be kind and generous, then your name will be dignified. Through goodness keep every heart happy, and remove all evil and ignorance. Then because in all hearts the Creator is present, He will enlighten your body as a reward.

khamees saneechar, doe subeh barakat jaano;
musaafaree safar chalneku(n) bee, khub hae pahechhaano;
doe velaa barakat jaano, utam kaamku(n) hae bhalee;
e sunno samajo yaadaj raakho, farmaayaa shaahe maulaa murtaza alee........205

Firday night and Saturday, both mornings are of barakat. These are ideal times for travelling. Know both times as those of barakah, and are therefore suited for exalted work. Listen, understand and always remember this. This is commanded by the Lord, Mawla Murtaza Aly.

sab ba(n)deku(n) laajam hae jo karanaa khaalak apanekee eebaadat;
sab khalakatku(n) raajee rakhanaa, meetthee nekee karanaa aadat;
bohot bolnaa be masarfakaa, so eebaadatme(n) hae nukshaan;
baddee ba(n)dagee nekee ye hae, na aap ra(n)jan keesaku(n) ra(n)jaan.......206

It is compulsory upon every creature to perform servanthood of his Creator, make everyone happy and form a habit of being sweet and pure. To talk too much about meaningless matters, does harm to your servanthood. The greater servanthood and virtue is that when one is not himself unhappy and does not inflict harm on others.

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