Q. Bayaan Peeree Va Meeragakaa - Old Age And Death

khabar de gaee motkee, jab safedee aaee tere sheesh;
ab tosaa kar le raahakaa, ke safar aayaa hae tere peesh;
ab chhodd eemaarat gharkee, aap ghar ttheraa-o dhor;
ke saa(n)j subah hae utth chalanaa, jaae basanaa hae usahee tthor.........229

The message of death has come to you when your head(hair) has become white. This message says that you should be ready for your journey ahead. You will leave this building of your house, and your new residence will be the grave. This message also states that you will have to rise and leave this place either in the morning or in the evening, and go to reside in that place(grave).

buddaayaa vadhaaee motkee laayaa, cheto bhegee karo kamaaee;
ujale baal ab deen aayaa, kaale baal raat sute gamaaee;
kaale baal jaysee raat gafalatkee, vae umaroho taysee gaee;
safedee subah huee dekho cheto, ab to pu(n)jee thoddee rahee....230

The old age has brought you the welcoming gesture of death, take heed and gather together the rewarding deeds. The days of your grey hair(old age) have come whereas you lost the opportunity of your black hair(youth) in sleep of the night. The period of black hair was like a night of ignorance, and the entire life passed in that state. The white morning has come about, observe and take heed, as little of your material capital is left.

buddaayaa khabar motkee kaheve, neeraash kare so haeeyaateese(n)thee;
abake tu(n) jo a(n)t lobhaayaa, to tu(n) boyasee or koee lunnasee khetee;
dunee-aa saraame(n) tu(n) hae musaafar, raat gaee jo the kaale baal;
safedee subah huee, huee chalanne velaa, paddaa haal chaal....231

The old age gives you the information about death, and it brings despair with it. If you get into temptation at the end, then you will sow and someone else will reap. In this guest house of the world you are a traveller, the night has passed away during which you had black hair. The white morning is here, it is the time of departure, fallen are your ways and state of well being.

sab rogthee baddaa rog buddaayaa, jo javaanse hove peer;
to sab rog aa kar us ghatt baetthe, pal pal ghatte aaraam shareer;
javaaneeme(n) kar le utam kamaaee, buddaayeme(n)na hoesee javaan;
jo buddaa huvaa to begee cheto, bhaaee tu(n) hae koee damkaa mahemaan......232

Out of all diseases, old age is the greatest, If one becomes old from young age, then all the diseases come and seat in the body. Gradually the peace and comfort of the body decreases. During your youth, perform exalted rewarding work. At old age you will not have the youthful vitality. If you are old take heed early, brother you are a guest for a short while.

buddaayaa nahee hae umaroh maa(n)he, ke ab umarse naa kuchh hove fal;
sunnanaa dekhnaa sudhabudha teree e sabme(n) paddaa hae khalal;
ab dunee-aase naa leej-jat paayasee, na ba(n)dagee kar sagasee ees kaayaa;
jeetaa vae jeene javaaneeme(n) khaayaa peeyaa deeyaa leeyaa, or vohee aakabat kamaayaa...............233

Old age can be a redundant part of life, wherein nothing worthwhile is achieved. Hearing, seeing, awareness and intelligence is all impaired at that age. You cannot enjoy the worldly pleasures and cannot perform your servanthood with your frail bodies. The winners are those who in their youth, ate, drank, gave and received, they are the ones who have earned the hereafter.

jab gaee javaanee yaad kare, to bohot aap deel meene pastaave;
e pastaanaa fogatt bhaaee javaanee fer nahee aave;
nahee feere nadee jo paanee beh gayaa, nahee feere javaanee jo umaroho gaee;
javaanee meene jeene ba(n)dagee keetee, bohot vae kamaayaa sahee..........234

When one remembers his/her youth, then he/she will regret it a great deal in his heart. Such regrets will be in vain brother, the youth does not return. Just as the river does not return in the upstream direction when water has flown downstream, the youth does not return when life has passed. Those who have performed servanthood in their youth, have truly earned for themselves a great deal.

umarohokee baakee amulak hae, sab maalse karee-e pee-aar;
jo ek dam umaroho adakee paaee-e, to mul deeje saaraa sa(n)saar;
us dam aachhee kamaaee hove, ke tobaa teree hove kabul;
ek dam traa(m)baa sonaa hove, behest lennekaa hove mul..........235

The remainder of your life is valuable, love with all your wealth. If you have attained an additional breath, then be charitable to the entire world. That breath has had pure earnings, when the repentance has been accepted. If for one breath, copper and gold are possessed, they should be utilised to purchase paradise.

roshan kar bhaaee nur buddaayaa, gunaahsethee mat kar a(n)dheraa;
ees nur buddaaye karo kamaaee, to roshan hove deel bee teraa;
rehen javaan mast hoee sutaa, aayaa buddaayaa roshan dees;
ab jaag utth kar le kamaaee, nahee to rab karasee rees..........236

Enlighten o brother, your old age, do not darken it with sins. Through such enlightened old age, perform rewarding deeds then your hearts will be enlightened. During the night of your youth you where fast asleep. The old age has arrived and observe the light. Wake up rise and obtain profit, else the Lord will be angry.

buddaayaa aayaa cheto bhaaee, ber ber keeyaa kaheve;
malak motkaa sheer par aayaa, koee gaafal ho mat raheve;
laddake javaan budde jaeef, mat jaano motku(n) dur;
mot najeek dekh khudaaesu(n) ddaro, to tum deel vase rabakaa nur........237

Old age has arrived so take heed, remind yourself repeatedly of this fact. The angel of death is hovering over your head, no one should remain ignorant about this. Whether you are young as a child or old and feeble, do not consider death to be far away. By perceiving death to be near fear God, then your heart will be filled by the light of God.

jo aap man naseehat chaaho, to mot yaad karo e hae naseehat khaasee;
ke aakhar maranaa dhor ghar karanaa, dunee-aakaa saathee koee sa(n)g na aasee;
jeene ye bujaa une lobh paap chhoddaa, dunee-aase ho betthaa neeraalaa;
vaaej naseehat yu(n) gun huee, ke chhodd deve dunee-aa kasaalaa.......238

If you wish good advice for your mind, then remember death, this indeed is the best advice. That you will in the end die and make the grave as your home. No companion of this world will come with you. Those who have understood this, have abandoned greed and sin, and in this world they are seated as pure ones. The virtue of waez is that you abandon the hustle and bustle of the world.

maataa pettsu(n) jo baalak neekalaa, usaku(n) motkaa aayaa pegaam;
ke jo dunee-aame(n) aayaa vae to marasee, dunee-aa to hae fanaah mukaam;
maataa odarsu(n) baahaar aate, baalak rove us ghaddee;
ke ab to ma(n)y dunee-aame(n) aayaa, kal mot aa hove muj par khaddee........239

From the time when a mother gave birth to the child, it has received the message of death. That when one arrives in the world, he will have to die, the world is but a perishable abode. When a mother gives birth to a child, the child cries at that moment, "I have come into the world, tomorrow death there will be death for me for certain".

maranaa jeene sach kar maanaa, use dunee-aame(n) keeyaa karanee hae khushee;
ees buj saath jo khushee kare, to khushee nahi e to hae behoshee;
par mulak jaate umaroho ghatte, deel naa kahe ke e mulak meraa;
to dunee-aa mulaksu(n) kaa(n)e deel baa(n)dho, deelku(n) keene bataayaa ke ye mulak hay teraa........240

Those who have understood death as real, have done deeds that have produced joy and happiness. Having realised this, if he indulges in worldly pleasures, than it is not happiness but misery. Going to a foreign kingdom shortens life, and the heart does not say that it is my kingdom. Then why do you bind your heart to the worldly kingdom. When did you show your heart that this is my kingdom.

jo aap ajal ba(n)daa yakeen jaane, ke dunee-aase hae muje jaanaa;
to dunee-aa umed magarur naa rahe, jaane ke ye hae khottaa vashaanaa;
ajal apanee yakeen kar jaano, ke sadaa rahenaa nahee ees jahaan;
to dunee-aa umed sahee kam hove, pal pal ghatte abhemaan........241

If a creature knows his own time of death with conviction, that "I will have to leave this world", then worldly desires and pride do not remain. For he knows that these are false excuses. Know with conviction about your time of death, that you will not live in this world for ever. Then the worldly desires will truly be less, and gradually pride will decrease.

aap mot beesaare deel a(n)dheraa, jeeyu(n) been saraanne kaatt bharee shamser;
deel roshan chaaho to mot yaad karo, utth-te baetth-te aver saver;
jo apanaa chalanaa yaad karo, usathee naa kuchh hove badee;
ke ba(n)dhaa paanee ga(n)daa hove, ga(n)dee na hove chaltee nadee..........242

Forgetting your death will darken your heart, just as a bright sword becomes rusty when it is not sharpened regularly. If you want light in your hearts, than remember death, while rising up or sitting or whenever possible. If you remember your departure, than you will not have impurity. Motionless and stagnant water becomes dirty, whereas a flowing river does not become dirty.

mot yaad kee-e deel roshan hove, hardam mot karanaa yaad;
ek deen aysaa aayasee, jo ghar ujaadd hove ghor aabaad;
ghor meene jaa ghar karoge, gharame(n) bese(n)ge or koee;
e sun kar je koee chetyaa, roshan hu-aa hae deel sohee..........243

Remembrance of death enlightens the heart, upon every breath remember death. One day will arrive when your (worldly)home will become barren and the grave will be your final abode. One day you will have to habitat the grave and someone else will live in your home. Those who having heard this have taken heed are truly the ones whose hearts have become enlightened.

jo yakeen motkaa tujaku(n) hu-aa, ke maranaa aakhar hae meraa;
to hardam tu(n) nekee kamaav, to sarave zaaher baatan teraa;
e baddaaee jo tumane paaee, to ees baddaaeeku(n) feer nahee mot;
e baddaaee tuje bahest le jaayasee, ees behestme(n) kabee na aave faut.....244

If you have conviction about death, that "I will have to die in the end", than upon every breath you earn virtue, then all that is manifest and that is hidden will be yours. If you attain this greatness, then with this greatness there will not be another death. This greatness will take you to paradise, and in this paradise there will never be death.

malakal mot to sab par aave, sab ba(n)dekee le jaataa hay jaan;
ees marane aagal jo mar chale, so mar kar paave amar makaan;
aysaa maranaa jo mar jaane, vaasal hak vo kaamal fakeer;
e darajaa paave so valee keelaave, e faramaayaa hazarat aap ameer.......245

The angel of death comes upon every person, and know that it takes away every creature. But if one dies before such death, than he will attain an immortal abode after death. If one knows about dying such a death, he knows it as a true return of a perfect renunciant. If one attains such a station, he is regarded as a (perfect) saint, so says Hazarat Ali.

jees bahestme(n) mot na aave, sohee takhat khudaakaa jaan;
khudaa to sab tthorme(n) bastaa, khaalee nahee us been makaan;
sab kul usame(n) vo sabme(n), baaher bheetar hae bharpur;
aysaa samaj jo usame(n) meeleeyaa, so laa mot huaa usakaa nur...246

The paradise in which there is no death, is truly the throne of God. God is present everywhere, There is no place where He does not exist. Everything is in Him, and He is in everything, He is omnipresent inside and outside. If one has attained such an understanding, then his light has become deathless(immortal).

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