S. Dar Bayaane Bad Sohabat - Bad Company

gaer dostkee sa(n)gatsethee, motakee sakhatee hay aasaan;
ke jees deel teree dostee nahee, usathee tuje dur raakhe rahemaan;
jo aap chaave usaku(n) chaahee-e, orkaa to chaahannaa hay fok;
jo tuje chaahve so sarjanhaar, dunee-aa ek na chaahve lok.......267

Companionship of a non-friend, is worst than the pains and sorrows of death. The one whose heart is not friendly towards you, from him the Merciful keeps you away. If one loves you, him/her you should love, to love others is futile. It is the Creator who really loves you, the people of the world cannot love you as much as that.

naa farmaanee keetee teree, jeene tuje naahak gus-saa deelaayaa;
aysee baat tere deelme(n) ddaalee, jo dunee-aa kaaje te(n) gus-saa khaayaa;
joru(n) chhoru(n) tu(n) teraa dost jaanne, pann koee nahee teraa farmaanee;
dunee-aa kaaje tuje gus-saa deelaave, naa farmaaneekee e haye neeshaanee......268

He/She has disobeyed you, the one who caused you to be sinfully angry. He/She put search notions in your heart, that caused anger in you for the sake of the world. You regard your sons and daughters as being your friends, but on one is really loyal to you. For the sake of the world they cause anger in you, this is the sign of disloyalty.

dagaa dee-aa tujase une, jeene tuje buree raah bataaee;
jo usake kahe tu(n) buraaee karasee, to tere aagal aaysee vay buraaee;
e buraaee jo tere aagal aaee, une keetee jeene deetee sheekh;
bhaaee jo tuje hove akal, to esee baat seekh feer seekh.........269

That one has betrayed you, the one who has shown you the evil path. If you perform evil after listening to him, than ahead of you there will be evil. If such evil exists ahead of you, than it has been the result of the person's teaching. Brother if you have intelligence, learn about this over and over.

koee huaa dushman teraa, une dushmaneeme(n) na keetee buraaee;
to tumane use dost kar bujaa, ke ye hae meetra meraa bhaaee;
jab dostee huee ne meelaap adakeraa, tab vae tuje deve daav;
tab jo vae tuje chaaye so kare tujase, tu(n) huvaa ra(n)k vae huvaa raav............270

If your enemy exists, and has not demonstrated his enmity and evil, then you will regard him as your friend, that "This person is my friend and my brother". If friendship exists and there are more meetings, than he betrays you. Then he can influence you in any manner and you become the slave and he the master.

jeene teree madad keetee, or keetee tujase a(n)t yaaree;
tu(n) us yaaree par bhulaa, to te apanee kamaaee beesaaree;
jo te kamaaee duneeyaa chhoddee to tu(n) huaa mohtaaj;
jo te kamaaee aakabat chhoddee, to te khoyaa sadaakaa raaj......271

The one has helped you and made you his lifelong friend, if you forget due to this friendship, than you will have forgotten your earnings of the past. If you abandon your worldly earnings, you will become a dependant. If you abandon your earnings of the hereafter, then you will have lost a perpetual kingdom.

buraa koee paase baetthe, usaku(n) tume bujo shaytaan;
shaytaankee e mat seekhaave, aakhar tu(n) hove pashemaan;
burese(n)thee neet dur bhaago, sa(n)gat na karo us sa(n)g;
kaalee ha(n)ddee paase jo baytthe, to kaalaas hee laage ra(n)g..272

If an evil person comes and sits with anyone, know him to be a devil. Do not learn anything from this devil, in the end you will be overcome with grief. Runaway from the evil daily, do not keep company of it. If you seat near a bowl full of charcoal, than you will have a black colour.

jo jaat asal nahee, na kare vae vafaadaaree;v jeesakaa asal aachhaa nahee, nahee neebhaave dunee-aa saaree;
jo jaat asal nahee nahee maamle saachaa, saachaa nahee sa(n)gat veer;
nahi sa(n)gat keesee baatt neebhaave, peer chhodd hove bepeer...273

If the kind of a person is not original(noble), he will not show loyalty. The one whose origin is not pure, he does not have any regard by the entire world. The one whose kind is not original, his circumstances are not true, and his companionship is not true. This person's companionship will be unreliable and he does not maintain any path, he abandons his Guide and becomes one without one.

tteddekaa to saayaa tteddaa, jaysaa aap taysaa paddachha(n)daa;
jeesakee khoho tteddee vae baat tteddee kare, e sach kar maano saachee pa(n)daa;
jeene sudhaa maarag bujaa, sab kaam usakaa huaa raas;
ttedde maarag je koee chaleeyaa, matlabku(n) nahee poho(n)chaa huaa neeraash..274

A curved object has a curved shadow, of whatever type you are, you will have a shadow of that type. The one who has crooked habits will create a crooked path, know this true teaching to be true. The one who has known the True Path, all his work has become meaningful and accomplished. The one who has proceeded on the crooked path, has not attained his objective and is indeed in despair.

akalma(n)d aap sa(n)gaatee karee-e, to usathee na paho(n)che kuchh zeeaan;
beakalkee sa(n)gatse(n)thee, deen duneeyaa hove pashemaan;
beakalkee sa(n)gatse(n)thee, tuje lok beakal kaheve;
jo te sa(n)gaatee beakal kee-aa, to us jaysaa tuje sabee samaj leve.....275

Keep companionship of the wise and intelligent, then from this you will not be effected by any storm. Through companionship of the unwise and unintelligent, your religion and world will be disturbed. Associating yourself with the unwise and unintelligent, you will be regarded as unintelligent by the people. If you made companionship with the unintelligent, then you will be regarded as one by all the people.

sohobat sa(n)gat burekee aysee, jaysaa tufaanme(n) chaddhaa daree-yaa beddee;
usake deel yu(n) dhokhaa vase, ke budde beddee jo hove tteddee;
burekee sohabat sa(n)gat-thee ddaranaa, jo thoddee baatme(n) deve dukh;
burekee sohabat sa(n)gat-thee e fal hove, ke ddarthee deel na rahe ek pal sukh....276

The companionship of an evil person is like a ship in the midst of a storm in the ocean. The person's heart is tormented by fear of sinking in case of being overcome by the storm. Fear the companionship of an evil person who will cause unhappiness even in small matters. The fruits of the companionship of the evil are such that through fear the heart does not feel happy even for a moment.

ahesaan karanaa us jage, jees jage nahee karanaa ahesaan;
e to julam leekhaave tere upar, usathee tu(n) hove jaalam-maa(n)y;
ahesaan kare maalse, yaa madad kare tanse(n)thee;
nek saath keeye nekee paave, bure saath kee-e sajaa paave vethee..........277

If you assist an undeserving person, you will be doing injustice to yourselves. Whether you assist a deserving one financially, or physically, you will attain purity. But if you assist an undeserving one than it will backfire upon you.

ekalaa rahenaa maradakaa bhalaa usathee, jo baytthe bureke saath;
bure saath baytthe buraaee sheekhe, or kuchh na laage haath;
neet utth nek sa(n)gat bayttho, jeesathee sheekho elam nekee;
jo nek na paa-o to ekalaa rahenaa, ke bure sa(n)gathee bhalee ekee........278

It is better for a person to stay alone than to sit with an evil one. By sitting with an evil person, one learns about evil which is useless. Rise everyday and join the company of the good, through whom you will learn and gain knowledge about purity. If you cannot have a company of the pure, remain alone, for it is better to be alone than to be in the company of the evil.

nav javaan laddake jaahel, jeesake moho upar nahee neekalee hae daaddhee;
jo koee sa(n)gat usakee baytthe, une apanee deenakee raah beegaaddee;
keeree-aa karo jeeyu(n) hae farmaayaa, ba(n)dagee karo jeeyu(n) rabakaa hukam;
rabake hukam maafak chaalo, na teel adakaa karo na kam..........279

There may be young and ignorant/unwise persons around you, who have not had beard grown on their faces. Those who have companionship with them, have spoilt their path. Perform rituals(or work) according to the commands, and perform servanthood according to the orders of the Lord. Proceed according to the orders of the Lord, do not do anything else besides(that ordered), nor do less than what is prescribed.

buree khoho jaysaa ja(n)galee jaanvar, sabase vae to dur bhaage;
to usathee bee sab dur bhaage, keeseekaa deel meelane nahee laage;
buree khoho chhoddo nekee karo, meelo sabake saath;
koee seedh puras bhette kaaj sare, pat-thar samett-te laage heeraa haath..280

Evil habits can be compared to a wild beast, it runs away from everyone. Then from it, all run away, for no one's heart desires to meet it. Abandon evil habits and do good, meet with everyone. If you are embraced by an enlightened person by chance, then it will make your task easy. It will be as if your hands touched diamonds in the midst of stones.

sab aadameese meelaap karate ddaro, ke kabee hoy muje sa(n)g buraa;
e buraaee jaann-naa hay akal, e to zee-aan na kare turaa;
ke aadamee-u(n) meene bohot dureejan chor hae, jaysaa hay shaytaan;
duneeyaa maal choraave so feer meele, kaa(n)haa meele jo choree jaaye eemaan.........281

Be cautious about meeting everyone, lest anyone could turn out to be an evil companion. Knowing about such evil is indeed discriminative intelligence, that it does not create upheaval in your life. Amongst mankind there are many lowly thieves, like the Satan. If worldly goods are stolen, they may be replaced, but how can one recover faith once stolen.

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