T. Peechhaanat Aadameekee - Knowing People

har maradakaa tol kar, aap deele peechhaan sabakaa tol;
ke tafaavat har-ek bohot hay, chalan sabakaa judaa or bol;
jo tuje samaj hay to parakh le, kharaa khottaa halkaa or bhaaree;
e sab samaj kar kaam paar paaddo, to sukh paave umaroho saaree..282

Evaluate each person, and then know the evaluation of each person in your hearts. For, there is a great difference between everyone. Every person is unique in the way he behaves and the way he talks. If you have this understanding, then evaluate; the true, the false, the weak and the heavy. Through such understanding, do your work, then you will have happiness throughout your lives.

akal maradakee peechhaan layanee, ke jees velaa vae kaheve baat;
karatuk usakaa dekh peechhaano, ke kaysee hay ees maradakee jaat;
jeebh hay chaaddee sab baat bataave, jaysee budh hae usake ghatt;
neech lakhan yu(n) jeebh bataave, jo usake jaat meene hoy kapatt............283

Evaluate the intelligence of a person when he talks to you. Observe the actions of this person, what kind of person is he? The tongue is the backbiter, it reveals everything, his intelligence and his heart. The tongue reveals the lower condition, if this type of a person has malice and evil within.

bolanaa maradakaa hay khabar detaa usathee, jo hove usake asal beech;
aseelkaa to bolanaa aachhaa, buraa bole jo hove neech;
aseel raahaa tuje nek bataave, ddar deekhaave aakhar dees;
burethee baat tu(n) buree sunne, jo maano to tuj upar aave rabakee rees..........284

The speech of a person reveals information about his nobility. A noble one speaks truth and kindness, whereas a lowly person will speak evil. A noble one shows you the right path, instils fear of the hereafter. From an evil person you will hear about evil, and if you follow it, then the anger of the Lord will be upon you.

maradakaa sa(n)gaatee vay jaano, jees sa(n)g vay raheve deen raat;
marad jaysaa vay hove, buresu(n) buraa nekeesu(n) nek jaat;
jo chaaho ke pahechhaano, ke keesakee khasalat hay kaysee;
to usake meetrase peechhaano, jaysee hove sa(n)gat taysee.......285

Know the companion of a person as he who remains with him through out day and night. The nature of a person depends upon his actions, through bad actions a person is recognised as bad, through goodness a person is recognised as good. If you desire to know the habits of a person, then try to know his friends, he is like his companions.

nekee badee maradakee peechhaan, ke aap deel meene hay kaysaa;
to khasalat chalannse peechhaano, ke chalan jaysaakaa hove taysaa;
nek aadamee nahee jutth bole, na beegaadde aapakaa paarkaa kaaj;
buraa to jutthaa khottaa neeralaj, usaku(n) kuchh na aave laaj..286

Know the virtues and the vices of a person, that what is inside his heart. Then know what are his habits, his nature is reflected in his habits. A virtuous person does not lie, and does not harm himself or others. A bad person is shamelessly a liar, he is never ashamed about his conduct.

kaam marad taysaa kare, asal usakaa hove jaysaa;
karatuk neeshaanee asalkee, asal jaysekaa karatuk taysaa;
jeesakee jaat shujaat hay, karatuk teesathee aachhaa aave;
jo kabee usathee hove buraaee, to aap man bohot pastaave........287

A person does work according to the nature of his origin. His actions are the sign of his origin. Whatever is his origin, so are his actions. If a person's origin is noble, the actions from him will be pure. If in any case he does evil, then he will regret a great deal in his mind.

ddaalee jaahaaddkee taysee hove, jaysee hove jaahaaddkee bunee-aad;
to maa baap jeeske jayse hove, vaysee hove usakee olaad;
farza(n)d lachhan teeyu(n) peechhaano, ke nek putakaa hove nek baap;
jeeyu(n) kabutarkaa bachaa kabutar hove, saapkaa bachaa hove saap...........288

A branch of a tree grows in accordance with the origin of it's roots. Then in the same manner, the offspring will resemble their parents. Know the formation of the character of the child, for a well behaved child has a noble father. Pigeons will give birth to pigeons. Snakes will produce snakes.

maratabaa maradakaa vay cheej hae, jees cheej kaarann ene baa(n)dhee hay kamar;
jo rakhap duneeyaa chaave to dost paave, maal paave ees dunee-aa bheetar;
jo aakabat khubee chaave, to shudh keeree-aase sahee paave;
jo rab jaat chaave so rabaku(n) paave, to valee-o meene naam leekhaave.........289

The status of a man is a thing for which he strives to attain. If he desires worldly glory, then he attains friends, and attains wealth in this world. If he desires the mysteries of the hereafter, then through religious duties, he truly attains them. If he desires the attributes of the Lord, than he will attain the Lord. Then he will be recorded as a lover and a friend of God.

kee(m)mat maradakee vae cheej jaanno, ke jeesku(n) hae vae chaahataa;
dunee-aadaarkee kee(m)mat dunee-aa, ke dunee-aa maal hae use bhaataa;
bahesht nyaamat jo hae chaahataa, usakaa vahee huaa mol;
amulak vahee jo deedaar subhaan chaahave, suno e hazarat shaahkaa kol...........290

Know the worth of a person by the object of his desires. The worth of a worldly person is the world, for the worldly wealth is what he desires. If a person desires the boons of paradise, then that is his worth. However, if a person desires the deedaar of the Glorious One, then he cannot be valued by material considerations, i.e. he is priceless, listen to this promise of Hazarat Ali.

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