V. Hasadkaa Baab - Jealousy

jo koee paarkaa hasad kare, to sajaa deve usaku(n) vaahee lachhan;
ke orku(n) khushee dekh vae jal mare, ek na meette usakee jalan;
gajab khudaaykaa hay us upar, jeeskee hasad karanaa huee khoe;
par buraa chaave aap bhalaa chaave, to buraaee sab us aagal aave soe...........302

If one is jealous about others, then this character punishes him. For, seeing others happy he dies burning, for none of his fires get extinguished. The curse of God is upon him, who is jealous and loses everything that he gained. He desires evil for others and goodness for himself, then all evil tendencies come to him.

kees keeseeku(n) hasad aayaa, ek pal nahee usaku(n) sukh;
une dunee-aame(n) aap kaarane, mul lee-aa sab dukh;
jo tuj akal hove kaa(n)e dukh leve, apane jeevkaa sukh bech;
hasad beeraanaa jo kare jal mare, usaku(n) kuchh nahee nafaa hech.............303

The one upon whom jealousy befalls, does not have peace even for a moment. This person for his own sake has bought himself all unhappiness. If you have intelligence, why do you purchase unhappiness, and sell all the happiness of your soul. By being jealous of others, one dies burning, and he derives no benefit at all.

jetee dushmanee dunee-aa maa(n)he, us sabthee salaah hove;
par dushmanee jo hasad keree, aysaa koee nahee jo eesaku(n) khove;
khunthee baddee dushmanee nahi, usathee bee salaah hove neh;
pann hasadkee dushmanee aysee, jeeskaa kabee na aave chheh......304

Many kinds of enmities prevail in this world, and all of these may be resolved. But if the enmity is due to jealousy, then it is not possible to reconcile. There is no greater enmity than that resulting from murder, even that may be resolved through love. But enmity caused by jealousy is such that it cannot be resolved at all.

kharaabee hay hasad karanhaarku(n), vae to aape hasadthee hove kharaab;
hasadthee vae jaltaa raheve, jeeyu(n) aagalthee dekho jale kabaab;
hasad keeyese aap kharaabee, jo hasad kare use nahee sukh;
to hasad karanaa so aap sukh bechanaa, or mul lenaa hay fokatt sab dukh..............305

Corruption is upon a jealous person, who due to his jealousy becomes corrupt. Due to jealousy he remains burning, just as fire keeps roasting a kebaab. Jealousy brings corruption upon oneself, the one who is jealous is never happy. A jealous person sells off his happiness and buys all the futile tribulations and unhappiness.

kharaabee hay us keeseeku(n), jeesakee hay buree surat ne buree kho-e;
vae to sahee kharaab hu-aa, jeesake bure hay e do-e;
e donu(n)me ek bee hoy aachhee, to koee kare use pee-aar;
jo surat aadat donu(n) buree, vae to sahee hu-aa hay khuvaar....306

Corruption is upon the one who has an evil face and evil habits. He is indeed corrupt, the one who has both of the above evil. If one has either of the two in good form, then someone may love him. If both the face and habits are evil, then in truth this person is in ruins.

pastaavaa hay us keeseeku(n), jo khudaakaa khaasuse raakhe keenaa;
kee-aamatke deen to vae pastaave, ke khaasuke keenese bharaa hay jeesakaa seenaa;
khudaake khaase to rasuleel-laah, or rasulkee aal paak;
aal rasulse jo keenaa raakhe, vae to aakhar hove halaak.........307

Regrets will be upon anyone who retains enmity (particularly) against the believers of God. He will regret on the day of judgement, the one whose bosom is filled with hatred against the believers. The Messenger of God is the most beloved of God, and the progeny of the Messenger is pure. If anyone keeps hatred against the progeny of the Messenger, will eventually be ruined.

keenaa chhoddo gus-saa na raakho, keesee momankaa deel na karo ra(n)j;
e naseehat suno aap man raakho, seenekaa petteeme(n) sa(n)gharo ga(n)j;
gus-saa keenaa jo aap man raakhe, to us deel dukh vase deen rayen;
saaraa jahaan us najar ta(n)g deese, us dukhase aap sadaa ta(n)g raheve bechen.....308

Abandon hatred and do not be angry, do not make any believer unhappy. Listen to this advice and keep it in your minds. In the case of your bosom hoard this valuable heap(of advice). If one keeps anger and hatred in his mind, then in his heart resides unhappiness day and night. For his entire life his vision is warped, and due to this misery, he remains restless and tense.

ek gunaah to bohot bohoteraa, hajaar ba(n)dagee thoddee;
ek gunaah jeene rabakaa keeyaa, une saaree umarkee kamaaee boddee;
ba(n)dagee to neet neet karee-e, na karee-e ek gunaah;
jo mann sonaa ne ttaa(n)k traa(m)baa meele, to kaalaa padde sab sonaa.............309

One sin is great, (in comparison) a thousand acts of servanthood are minor. If one has committed one sin of the Lord, he has indeed wiped out the profit of his entire life. You should perform servanthood daily and not commit one (major) sin. If a small portion of copper mixes with pure gold, the entire gold becomes black.

hasad keenaa chhoddo bhaaee, deelse neekaalo hasad or keenaa;
hasad keenesu(n) kaayku(n) jalate, kab lag hay tuje dunee-aame(n) jeenaa;
nabee oleeyaa sab chale jaat hay, e duneeyaa to hay khee-aale khaab;
chet bhaaee kar nek kamaaee, hae tujku(n)bee jaanaa sheetaab....310

Abandon jealousy and hatred, o brothers, remove jealousy and hatred from your hearts. Why do you burn with jealousy and hatred, after all, how long will you live in this world. The prophets and saints, all of them left, this world is just an empty dream. Take heed brother, perform pure profitable deeds, for you will also have to leave quickly.

zabaa(n)kaa taanaa chott hay, usakaa to adakaa hove darad;
lohokaa ghaavasu(n) e ghaav adakaa, vo laage usaku(n) jo hove marad;
marad upar padde lohoke ghaav, talaavaar kha(n)jar bhaalaa ne teer;
usaku(n) aysaa nahee laage, jaysee laage gaalee jo koee kaheve be peer..311

The taunts of the tongue are blows, they are very painful indeed. The injuries caused by a steel weapon are great, but the injuries resulting from the taunts are greater. These are felt by the one who is a real man. Injuries caused by iron weapons, swords, daggers and arrows can be cured, but the injuries caused by being told that you are without the guide(Bepeer) are incurable.

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