W. Dar Bayaane Hee(M)Mat - Courage

hee(m)mat baddee eemaan neeshaanee, bhaaee baddee raakho apanee hee(m)mat;
jees keeseekee hee(m)mat baddee, us upar sahee aave rabakee rahemat;
rabakee rahemat so eemaan puraa, usathee aaraam paave jeev or tan;
rabakee rahemat sab aashaa puge, adakaa hove maal or dhan.......312

Great courage is the sign of faith(Imaan). Brothers, be very courageous. The one who has great courage, upon him will be the Lord's mercy and grace. Through the grace and mercy of the Lord, faith is complete, from which the body and soul attains rest. Through the grace and mercy of the Lord, all hopes are fulfilled, and property and wealth increases.

jees keeseekee hee(m)mat baddee, usaku(n) bohot hoyesee gam;
dunee-aa chaave to bohot chaave, jetee paave teese buje kam;
jo ma-aarafat chaave to chaave adakeree, jo paave usathee aaraam;
to hee(m)mat baddee use gam adakeraa, pann been hee(m)mat na hoyasee kaam......313

The one who has great courage, upon him will be forbearance and insight. If a courageous person desires the world than he becomes very ambitious, even if he attains a great deal, he will feel a shortfall. If he desires gnostic realisation of God, than he desires it a great deal with zeal, thereby he attains rest. Then if one has great courage, he will have great forbearance and insight, but without courage nothing worthwhile is attained.

hee(m)mat baddee use gam adakeraa, jeese jaysee hee(m)mat vaysaa gam;
hee(m)mat baddee to savaab adakaa chaave, jo kaam kare use buje kam;
baddee hee(m)mat to khudaaykee khaasu(n)kee, jo haradam chaave aap kamaaee;
gam uneku(n) jo ham naam kamaave, umar chalee jaave bhaaee......314

The one who has great courage, has more forbearance and insight. The level of forbearance and insight is according to the nature and extent of courage. If one has great courage, he desires more rewards, therefore whatever he undertakes, he regards it as less(in relation to his ability). Great courage is of the believer in God, he seeks his profit upon every breath. Insight is upon him who earns the Holy Name, and passes his entire life in remembrance.

jo koee chaave aap kee(m)mat, ke marataba meraa baddaa hoe;
to hee(m)mat baddee paedaa kare, usathee badde hove yeh doe;
jees keeseekee hee(m)mat baddee, usathee jo kare aasaan maalee;
to vaebee use bahot kuchh deve, or buje ke eesakee hee(m)mat hay aalee.......315

If anyone desires, to be valuable, that "I should have a high status", then he will generate a great deal of courage, by it his both worlds will be elevated. Anyone who has great courage, and by it secures his wealth, then (God) will also give a great deal to him, for He knows that this man's courage is great.

sheesh keeyaa utam hay, hee(m)matkaa rabane keeyaa mukaam;
jo bhed tuj ghatt samaave, to bujo ke sheesh usakaa hae tthaam;
jab tak jeev sab ghatt vase, tab lag kaayaa kaame kare kamaaee;
jab sheesh tthaam tu(n) jeev ttheheraave, tab vahee zeekar suje jo hay farmaaee...........316

The head has been created as the most important part of your body, for the Lord has made it the lodging for courage. If mysteries are contained in your body, then know that the head is their abode or source. As long as the soul resides in the entire body, it will perform the profitable work for the body. When you direct your soul towards the abode of the head, then it will trigger off remembrance(which is the most exalted action) as per the commands of God.

hee(m)mat baa(n)dho zeekar jagaavo, aap ulatt hak a(n)dar dekho;
e jaaher baatan jo kuchh deesataa, hak sahee hay sabame(n) ek;
hak beenaa kuchh khaalee naahee, tu(n) keenaku(n) ddhu(n)ddhan jaave;
aap fanaah ho meel usame(n), to tu(n) raaj ramajku(n) paave...317

Be bound to courage and awaken remembrance, behold in your inner upliftment(of joy and bliss), the truth(of Holy Deedar). Whatever you visualise in the manifest(zahir) and the hidden(batin), the Truth is in all as the One. There is no space which is bereft of the Truth(i.e He is omnipresent), then why do you go away far to seek Him. If you will annihilate yourself(your ego), then you will be in union with Him. Then you will attain the kingdom of mysteries and wonders.

adalse(n)thee aadeel keelaayaa, dekho baadshaah noshervaan;
sakhaavatse(n)thee sakhee keelaayaa, haatamtaaee jagame(n) ayaan;
jo hee(m)matse dekho dustam, pahelvaan vo naam dharaayaa;
e sab aalee hee(m)mat ho gae, been hee(m)mat koee kaam na aayaa.........318

Through the exercise of justice individuals have been called the just. Consider the King Nawshervaan as an example. Through the practise of charity individuals have been known as the friends(of humanity). Hatim was well known in this regard. Rustam by his courage gained fame as a strong man(Pahelvaan). All the above mentioned achievements were possible due to great courage shown by the individuals. Without courage, nothing would have been possible.

hee(m)matse(n)thee ghoddaa ja(n)gme jeete, faujme(n) usakaa raheve nek naam;
hee(m)matse shuraa sanamukh jaave, maar dushmanku(n) chhoddaa deve tthaam;
hee(m)matse gavaas petth daree-aame(n), amulakh motee upar leeyaae;
teeyu(n) hee(m)mat deen kamaave, soee jagame(n) valee keelaave.........319

Through courage horses(horse riders?) win in wars, they remain honoured in the army. By courage the warriors go and confront their enemies head on and liberate their lands. Through courage the divers dive deep into the sea and bring up priceless and most valuable pearls.In the same manner courage earns religion. A person who perfects himself by fulfilling all his religious obligations and duties is called a saint(valee).

hee(m)matse haathee chott lagaave, jaakar sakhat keelesu attake;
chhottaa sher hee(m)matse jaa kar, ayse mast peel maar pattake;
ayse sherku(n) marad so maare, jeesaku(n) hee(m)mat hove rafeek;
saaheb hee(m)mat deen chalaave, jeesaku(n) hee(m)mat hove shafeek.......320

Through courage an elephant injures his head, he goes and hits a strong fort head on. By courage a smaller lion jumps on the elephant and kills it. A man can also kill such a lion, the one whose friend is courage. Through courage the Master maintains religion, of those whose helper is courage.

saachaa deen so nabee chalaayaa, share-e chalaayaa seedhee raah;
aalee hee(m)matse sab deenu(n) par, fateh paa-e ba fajale eellaah;
nur eelaahee av-val thaa, so aakhar jagame(n) paayaa zahur;
eesee deenke taabe hove, usame(n) roshan hove rabakaa nur.....321

The prophet established true religion, and by virtue of the Sharia(Divine Law), he established the Right Path. Through great courage he attained victory over all religions by the Grace of God. The Light of God existed at first(before creation), and eventually manifested in the world. The one who is steadfast in His religion, upon him will shine the light of God.

khatam keeyaa ees kalaamku(n) sab jaaher kahe sunaayaa;
so paddo sheekho or suno sunaa-o, yu(n) maulaane hukam farmaayaa;
chaar tareeke hay eesame(n) jaaher, jo samaje so hove kaamal;
har ek harafme(n) hay hak shanaasee, pann paave so jo hove aamal........322

I have completed these sayings(kalaam), and have announced them to all. Then read, understand, listen and announce them, this is the command of the Lord. Four paths(Tariqas) are encompassed in it, those who understand it become perfect. Each word contains means to Divine realisation, but it is only those who follow them attain it.

hak shanaasee khub hay bhaaee, naahakse man vaar;
jaaher baatan hak ta-aalaaku(n), haradam nahee beesaar;
ek dam par do shukaraane, laajam hakake jaan;
saas usaas jo aataa jaataa, so baddee nyaamat hay maan........323

Realisation of God is the best(achievement), o brother, therefore keep your mind away from falsehood. Every moment, do not forget your manifest(zaheri) and hidden(batin) duties towards God. Upon every breathe express gratitude twice, know this as a compulsory act towards God. Every inhaling and exhaling of a breathe is a great boon.

saas usaase samaran kar le, or heeras havaa sab chhodd;
hak beenaa sab heeras havaa hae, tu(n) hakase mohabat jodd;
jo jo sukh dunee-aa ukabaake, sabase deelku(n) vaar;
jo paavegaa vasal hak-kaa, to e sab rahege taabedaar..........324

Upon every breathe, remember God and abandon all the temptations. Without God everything is illusion, therefore bind your love to God. Whatever happiness of this world and the hereafter that you think of, discard them from your heart. If you will attain the abode of the Truth, then all of these will be at your disposal(under your control).

hakakee to kuchh shakal sabeer nahee, or makaan hae laa makaan;
laa makaa(n)se tahatsaraa lag, jo kuj makhafee ayaan;
jaaher baatan jo kuchh deesataa, jo kuchh sunataa kaan;
hak beenaa to khaalee naahee, ye nuktaa khub pahechhaan.......325

God does not have any form and his abode is in the placeless(laa makaan). From the placeless to the undersurface of the earth, that which is hidden or manifest, whatever that is visible, whatever that you hear, without God there is no empty space(God is omnipresent). Be aware of this great mystery.

ees baateenkaa aap hakane, mukh par paradaa lee-aa;
dam maarankee kudarat naa(n)hee, aysaa chha(n)d bhare chha(n)d kee-aa;
jees par karam kare vo aap, usako aapahee aap bujaave;
eelam olamaa kaamal mursheed, ban kar aap sujaave.............326

About this hidden aspect(batin), your God has kept it hidden from your face(sense perceptions). It is not His nature to taunt at you, such are his plays and mysteries. The one upon whom He is merciful, He by Himself imparts the understanding. He takes the form of a scholar or a Perfect Teacher to give him the understanding.

aval aakhar jaaher baatan, deesataa sunataa so hay;
hay sabaheeme(n) sabase neeyaaraa, or nahee sab vo hay;
ma(n)y or tu(n) kee duee chhodd kar, ek dekh kuchh do nahee(n) hay;
aysaa samaj fanaa ho usame(n), tu(n) nahee tab vo sahee hay...327

The first, the last, the manifest and the hidden, that which is visible and heard, is all He. He is in everything yet he is beyond everything, there is nothing apart from Him. By abandoning the separation between I and you, behold this oneness, there is no duality at all. If you lose yourself in this understanding, you will not exist, it will be He in truth.

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