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La Bibliothèque assassinée

(13k) * 55 000 livres, appartenant a l'une des plus belles Bibliothèques, sont brûlés par les Talibans

(20k) * An Ismaili Interpretation of the Fall of Adam By Bernard Lewis

(13k) * Explanation of the 15 chantas
Fatimid Exhibition:

  * Paris pays tribute to the Fatimids in Cairo
`Fasl dar Bayan-i Shinakht i Imam'

* On the Recognition of the Imam. Translation by Ivanov.
Ismaili Society Series B, II. Bombay: Thacher, 1947.
Gulshan-i Raz

  * An Ismaili Interpretation of the Gulshaniraz by Ivanow

(22k) * Heroes of Surat by Alwaez Sultanali Mohamed 1968

(7k) * The Aga Khan Health Services - Background Information

(3k)* Great Ismaili Heroes with messages from members of the Noorani Family
Ismaili flag - It's Origin & Importance

* Ismaili flag - It's Origin & Importance
Pir Sabzali

Voyage Of Pir Sabzali In Central Asia
Ismaili in USA

(20k)* Language and Ethnicity Among a Group of Pentalingual Albuquerqueans
History of Imams:

- Short version

- Download short version

(208k) * Tarikh-e-Imamat - A brief historical survey of our holy Imams - By: Al - Wa'ez Hassan Nazar Ali
Imam: Significance

  * "The Philosophical Significance of the Imam in Ismailism," by Sami N. Makarem Studia Islamica XXVII (1967): 41-53.

(54k) * The Aga Khan Development Network - AKDN

(5k) * Industrial Promotion Services - Background Information


* Islam, Religion of My Ancestors (From Memoires) By Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III

Ismailism: Introduction

* "Introduction to Ismailism" By Dr. Sheikh Khodr Hamawi Beirut, 1970. 110 pp.
Jamatkhana Addresses

(30k) * Jamat Khanas Of The World
Memoires: Extract

* Islam, Religion of My Ancestors (From Memoires)
Al Muayyad fid-din al Shirazi

* Life and Lectures of Al Muayyad fid-din al Shirazi. Ed. by Jawad Muscati and A. M. Moulvi. Karachi: Ismailia Assoc. Pakistan, 1950. 183 pp.

Nasir-i Khusraw

* "Nasir-i Khusraw and Ismailism" by W. Ivanow Ismaili Society Series B, 5. Bombay, 1948

Poems by Nasir Khusraw

  * Forty Poems from the `Diwan' of Nasir Khusraw. Transl. by P. L. Wilson and Gholam R. Aavani. Tehran: Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy, 1977. 144 pp.

`Qasida Safiya'

* Textes pour l'étude de la pensée ismaélienne: La `Qasida Safiya' Par Aref Tamer Arabic text established and annotated by A. Tamir. Beirut, 1961. xxii and 99 pp.

Religion: True Meaning

* The `True Meaning of Religion' or Risala dar Haqiqat-I Din by Shihabu'd-Din Shah al-Husayni. Transl. Ivanow. London: Oxford University Press, 1933.

`Shish Fasl' Or Roshnai Nama

* Six Chapters or `Shish Fasl' - Rawshana'i-Nama (by Nasir Khusraw). Ismaili Society Series B, 6. Leiden: Brill, 1949. xvi and 111 and 47 pp.

Spiritual Nisbah

* "Nasir-i Khusraw and His Spiritual Nisbah." In Yad-name-ye Irani-ye Minorsky. by Mehdi Mohaghegh Tehran, 1969. Pp. 143-148.

- Constitution

- Khoja Case

- Haji Bibi Case





* The Ismaili Constitution (1986)

* Legal cases against the Imam

* Historical Case, Judgement on 128 Questions


(35k) * Essay on The Nizari Isma'ili Imam and Plato's Philosopher King by Sami G. Hajjar, Steven J. Brzezinski
Silver Jubilee Projects

(18k) * Some Projects Launched for the Silver Jubilee Year, 1983

(18k) * Ismaili Propaganda and Fatimid Rule in Sind by S.M. Stern
Ismaili Titles

(20k)* Distinctions that the Imam may bestow on His followers
Titles and Awards

(6K) * Distinctions received by the Aga Khan IV

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