Ismaili Manuscripts, books and documents represent the living witnesses of the memory and heritage of our faith. These treasures are fragile and if not preserved adequately, will be lost forever and with them our heritage. Preserving these treasures is therefore an imperative goal for the Heritage Society.

The SOS Khojki Project is an international, scholarly, volunteer effort to make images and transcriptions of Ismaili manuscripts available freely to all Ismailis. It is presently in a pilot phase, establishing the foundations with part of our collection of manuscripts. Once the foundations are complete, the full project will be embarked upon.

In order to navigate the manuscript section, begin by clicking on the "Manuscript Index" button. At the top of each manuscript page, you will be provided with the option of clicking the previous page or the next page in the thread. If you should become lost, go to the bottom of the page and choose the content option to see an index from the Ismaili Manuscript Web. There are also hypertext links to related items within the Heritage site.

For the few of you who STILL can't decipher Khojki script, an easy teach-yourself tutorial is provided. Just click on the Khojki Tutorial Button.

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