Welcome to the Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Exhibition of our beloved Imam Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah

August 17, 1945

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations


At a quarter past five on the afternoon of Sunday, March 10, 1946, a deep hush fell upon the Brabourne Stadium in Bombay. Here over 100,000 people, from various parts of the world., had come to witness one of those magnificent ceremonies which arouse wonder and amazement in the minds of men. It was on this day, and at this hour, that His Highness the Aga Khan was to be weighed in diamonds to celebrate the sixtieth year of his Imamate...

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From Platinum Jubilee Book, pg. 74-80


The Platinum Jubilee of His Royal Highness Prince Aga Khan, marking the celebration of 70 years of his Imamate is scheduled to be held in February, 1954.

Prince Aga Khan has already been weighed in gold and diamonds. These occasions provided his devoted followers a welcome chance to pay a befitting tribute to their spiritual lord who has organised them into a well-knit community and led them to great moral and material progress...

From Qayyum Malick "Aga Khan: Guide, Philosopher.."


Prince Aga Khan arrived dressed in a long, white silk robe spangled with silver. Accompanying him were his two sons Prince Aly Khan and Prince Sadruddin, and the Begum who wore a white sari studded with one thousand, two hundred diamonds, worth 45,000 pounds...

Extract from Memoirs

It is said that we live, move and have our being in God. We find this concept expressed often in the Quran, not in those words of course, but just as beautifully and more tersely. But when we realize the meaning of this saying, we are already preparing ourselves for the gift of the power of direct experience ...

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I can only say to everyone who reads this book that it is my profound conviction that man must never ignore and leave untended and undeveloped that spark of the Divine which is in him ...

Speech to Women...

Speech on language choice for Pakistan

Our Beloved Mata Salamat

Islam, Religion of My Ancestors..

Photo-Album of Imam Sultan Mohamed Shah

  • 0001msms - His Highness the Aga Khan approaching the Platform. He is wearing the traditional robes of a ruler.

  • 0002msms - Her Highness the Begum Aga Khan wearing the sari studded with 1,500 diamonds, worth over 45,000 pounds, with Prince Sadruddin, the second son of His Highness the Aga Khan.

  • 0003msms - Brabourne Stadium: Prince Aly Khan seen chatting with Maharajas and Princes.

  • 0004msms - His Highness the Aga Khan scaled against diamonds encased in bullet-proof cases on the scale.

  • 0005msms - The specially chartered mailboat, S.S. "Vasna", which brought many thousands of Ismailis to Dar-es-Salaam on its many trips.

  • 0006msms - Lady Battershill and Her Highness the Begum Aga Khan cutting the ribbon during the opening ceremony at the Exhibition.

  • 0007msms - His Highness the Aga Khan during one of His visits to His followers in Diamondabad. Kampala Boy Scouts on the Left.

  • 0008msms - On the Dais during Darbar, when important instructions were given for the upliftment of Ismailis and titles were conferred.

  • 0009msms - Her Highness Mata Salamat Begum Aga Khan announcing the election of Ismaili Councils in Africa.

  • 0010msms - Sultan Mohamed Shah, followed by procession

  • 0011msm - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah arriving at the Jubilee... Prince Sadruddin standing in the back

  • 0012msms - A portion of the vast crowds of over 70,000 who saw the Diamond Jubilee weighing ceremony.

  • 0013msms - Just after His Highness the Aga Khan's weight was matched against the diamonds in the foreground, a deafening cheer went up from the crowd of over 70,000 present.

  • 0014msms - The diamonds in bullet-proof, transparent containers.

  • 0015msms - Sultan Mohamed Shah, during the time when the diamonds were placed on the scale.

  • 0016msms - Just after the presentation to His Highness of the Souvenir Diamond on behalf of Ismaili Schools in Africa.

  • 0017msms - The magnificent arch at the entrance to the Diamond Jubilee weighing grounds.

  • 0018msms - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah addressing the congregation after the weighing ceremony in Bombay.

  • 0019msms - The Aga Khan being weighed against diamonds during the Diamond Jubilee, 1946.

  • 0020msms - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah, addressing the congregation in Dar-es-Salaam.

  • 0021msms - Devotional Artwork. Designed and published by Major A.J. Lakhpathy.

  • 0022msms - Devotional Artwork. "Aly's Descendant and of Prophet's Blood." Designed by Major A.J. Lakhpathy.

  • 0023msms - The Golden Jubilee Ceremony at Nairobi, East Africa in 1937

  • 0024msms - The Prince seated on the scale, against the daimonds, Bombay.

  • 0025msms - Prince Alykhan and the ruler of Navanagar admiring the diamonds in bullet-proof cases, at Bombay.

  • 0026msms - A view of the Diamond Jubilee weighing ceremony at Brabourne Stadium, Bombay 1946.

  • 0027msms - Their Royal Highnesses on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee weighing ceremony, Bombay.

  • 0028msms - The scale which weighed the Prince.

  • 0029msms - Their Royal Highnesses and Prince Sadruddin viewing the large concourse assembled to witness the Jubilee celebrations in Bombay.

  • 0030msms - The Aga Khan III is weighed in diamonds, Bombay 1946.

  • 0031msms - Hidayat, Nairobi, August 21 1945

  • 0032msms - Public accession of MSMS on the Masnad of Imamat at the Aga Hall, Mazagaon, Bombay.

  • 0033msms - Portrait of Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah taken in 1909

  • 0034msms - Sultan Mohamed Shah - Portrait

  • 0035msms- Portrait

  • 0036msms - MSMS from childhood's promise to glorious youth

  • 0037msms - Portrait of Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah

  • 0038msms - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah, Princess Theresa, His second wife, and their first son who died in infacy

  • 0039msms - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah with Prince Sadruddin, Shah Karim and Prince Amyn Mohamed

  • 0040msms - Hazrat Imam Sultan Mohamed Shah, His Highness The Aga Khan III is seen receiving a helping hand from His son, His Highness Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan on His visit to London in 1956

  • 0041msms - Aga Khan III with Gandhi at the Ritz Hotel, London, in 1931

  • 0042msms - Photograph of Prince Aga Khan, taken in a London studio in oriental robes

  • 0043msms - Prince Aga Khan at the age of 16

  • 0044msms - Prince Aga Khan in the lap of His loving mother

  • 0045msms - His Royal Highness as a smart young prince

  • 46msms - His Highness the Aga Khan and Mr. Immink, the Mayor of Johannesburg

  • 47msms - His Highness the Begum Jeanne Andree and the Ali Khan, New Delhi 1936

  • 48msms - His Royal Highness the Aga Khan in a jovial mood.

  • 49msms - On the Race Course: The Aga Khan chatting with His Excellency Lord Brabourne, the Governor of Bombay

  • 50msms - Imam Sultan Moamed Shah in the Garden of Villa Yakimour, near Cannes

  • 51msms - Autograpghed photo of His Royal Highness and Mata Salamat. Message reads: "I give My best Paternal Blessings to all who adopt simple colonial dress, Aga Khan 1952

  • 52msms - His Highness as an ardent golf enthusiast

  • 53msms - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah and Mata Salamat witnessing a rally of Ismaili Scouts, Volunteers and Girl Guides at Karachi in 1950

  • 54msms - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah, Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Husseini and Prince Amyn Mohamed

  • 55msms - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah among Ismailis in Mahalat, Persia

  • 56msms - His Highness Prince Karim with His grandfather. On the left is standing His brother, Prince Amyn

  • 57msms - The Royal Family, from left to right: Mowlana Karim Shah, Prince Aly Khan, Princess Yasmin, Prince Sadruddin, Mowlana Sultan Mohmaed Shah, Mata Salamat and Prince Amyn Mohamed.

  • 58msms - Portrait of His Royal Highness, Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan

  • 59msms - A photo of His Highness during the Round Table Conference

  • 60msms - Autographed portrait of Mata Salamat and Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah, taken on the completion of His 65th year as Imam on December 17,1948. Message reads: My loving paternal to Asia beloved spiritual children, Aga Khan. 2nd Message reads: With my very best wishes to all the spiritual children of Hazar Imam, Om Habibeh Mata Salamat

  • 61msms - His Highness addressing a gathering of His followers

  • 62msms - At the unveiling of the statue of the Prince of Wales, presented by the Aga Khan. His Highness is seen delivering His speech in the presence of his Excellency the Covernor and Lady Wilson

  • 63msms - A photograph of His Highness taken during a public gathering in His honour.

  • 64msms - His Highness Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah in Bombay

  • 65msms - His Highness the Aga Khan on the Golf Course at Mandelieu, France