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2019, November 22 : H.H. The Aga Khan, Mowlana Hazar Imam toured the site of the Ismaili Center Houston alongside the Center's design team and the leadership of the USA Jamat. During his trip, Mawlana Hazar Imam also met with City of Houston Mayor the Honorable Sylvester Turner. The Ismaili Center Houston will be the seventh Center, joining others in London, Vancouver, Lisbon, Dubai, Dushanbe, and Toronto. Ismaili Centers serve to reflect, illustrate and represent the Ismaili community’s intellectual and spiritual understanding of Islam, its social conscience, its organization, its discipline, its forward outlook, and its positive attitude towards the societies in which it lives. They are symbolic markers of the permanent presence of the Ismaili community, and are a symbol of the confluence between the spiritual and the secular in Islam. During Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee visit to the United States in March 2018, he graciously confirmed his intent to build the Ismaili Center Houston. In February of this year, another milestone announcement was made confirming Farshid Moussavi as the building architect and Thomas Woltz as the landscape architect, both of whom joined Hazar Imam for the site tour this week. [More News and Photos here!]

2019, November 20: The Global Pluralism Awards has been presented at a ceremony in Ottawa in presence of H.H. The Aga Khan. The Global Pluralism Award celebrates pluralism in action. As a result of their sustained achievements to promote respect across differences, the Award winners are helping to build more inclusive societies, in which human diversity is valued and thrives. [News, photos and Videos+]

2019, November 19: 2019, November 19: H.H. The Aga Khan and Princess Zahra arrived in Ottawa, Canada this Tuesday around 6pm. About a dozen Murids were outside the airport gate to welcome their Imam, who sure enough ,graced them with his blessings as usual by waving at them. [More] Frequent updates this week on this page!

2019, November 13 - 15: H.H. The Aga Khan IV, Mowlana Hazar Imam listed as speaker at the second edition of this years' Paris Peace Forum starting the week of 11 Nov 2019. [PHOTO during Peace Forum] [PEACE FORUM WEB SITE] [MORE news and photos]

2019, November 11, His Highness the Aga Khan joined a gathering of world leaders for a dinner reception hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace, representing AKDN as a part of the events related to the 2019 Paris Peace Forum. [Video, News and More]

2019, November 13-15: H.H. The Aga Khan IV, Mowlana Hazar Imam listed as speaker at the second edition of this years' Paris Peace Forum starting this week starting 11 Nov 2019. [More]

2019, November 8: H.H. The Aga Khan Mawlana Hazar Imam and President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa attended a special ceremony in Lisbon today, 8 November, to inaugurate the Ismaili Imamat's donation of a Da Vinci surgical system to the Centro Hospitalar Universitario de Lisboa Central. The Da Vinci surgical equipment introduces cutting-edge, robotics-assisted technology for performing advanced operations on patients. Surgical robots are used in various medical specialties as extensions of a surgeon's hand, allowing for greater precision and less invasive surgical procedures. The ceremony today marked the first such robot to be installed in a public hospital in Portugal, ensuring wider accessibility and service provision for the entire population. (TheIsmaili) [MORE]

2019, November 7: H.H. The Aga Khan Mawlana Hazar Imam meets with President of Tajikistan - Ahead of the Paris Peace Forum, Malwana Hazar Imam today met with President Emomali Rahmon of Tajikistan. President Rahmon and Hazar Imam discussed areas of regional cooperation and AKDN’s shared agenda to promote social and economic development in Central Asia. The Paris Peace Forum is an annual global meeting bringing together international stakeholders in open dialogue towards global governance, international cooperation and collective action for a peaceful world. [MORE]

2019, October 10: Huffington Award Dinner honoring Princess Zahra Aga Khan. Asia Society, Texas. Earlier in the day, as a mark of great respect, proclamations were received from congressional leadership, the City of Sugar Land, and Mayor Sylvester Turner of the City of Houston. Mayor Turner proclaimed 10 October 2019 as Princess Zahra Aga Khan Day. The Huffington Award is the highest honour bestowed by the Texas Center, and recognises leaders who are a major force on the international stage. The award is named after former Ambassador Roy M. Huffington, who co-founded the Asia Society Texas Center in 1979 alongside former First Lady Barbara Bush. [More photos, videos, news]

2019, Oct 2: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) attended a reception hosted by His Highness The Aga Khan at the Aga Khan Centre in King's Cross, London. [More] [Five Videos]

2019, Oct 2: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) attended a reception hosted by His Highness The Aga Khan at the Aga Khan Centre in King's Cross, London. Hosted by His Highness the Aga Khan, the reception was organised with the High Commission to Pakistan to highlight Pakistani culture and included William and Kate meeting with community leaders, business representatives, artists, artisans, performers and chefs who represent the country they will visit from 14 to 18 October. "It was wonderful to be part of today's event hosted by His Highness the Aga Khan in cooperation with His Excellency the High Commissioner of Pakistan," said Matt Reed, CEO of the Aga Khan Foundation (UK). [More] [Five Videos]

2019, September 29: Prince Hussain and Princess Fareen pose for a group photograph with Mawlana Hazar Imam; Vahid Khoshideh, President of the Association Islamique et Culturelle d'Ahl-el-Bayt de Geneve (centre right); Mahmoud Eboo, Chairman of the Leaders' International Forum; and his wife Karima Eboo. Since graduating with a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Prince Hussain has worked with numerous agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), concentrating on cultural and environmental issues as well as Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management. He is also the founder of Focused On Nature, an organisation dedicated to the conservation and protection of threatened and endangered species, as well as habitat conservation efforts. Elizabeth Hoag, who has adopted the name Fareen upon embracing Islam, holds a Master's degree in Mental Health Counselling, and has worked in private practice, specialising in issues of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Social Anxiety. She was born in New York City, United States. - Photo: Anya Campbell Photography [Complete news here]

2019, Sept 29: Nikah was performed on 29th September 2019 in Geneva. President of Leader International Forum attended on behalf of World Jamat.

2019, Sept 27: Prince Hussain Aga Khan and Princess Fareen: the happy couple got married in a civil ceremony on 27th of September 2019

2019, September 27: Toronto, Canada, This week-end, the Aga Khan Museum was alive with celebrations of its 5th anniversary, the Ball, various concerts and events. Prince Amyn attended the Friday night Banquet but left immadiately after his speech to be able to return to Europe for the wedding of Prince Hussain with Princess Fareen..

2019, September 13: AGA KHAN AWARD FOR ARCHITECTURE: Taking place from 12-14 September in Kazan, Russia, the 2019 Award proceedings included a seminar and the Award Ceremony which was presided over by Mawlana Hazar Imam. The ceremony, on Friday 13 September was webcast live - more details here. [More] [Speech Video] [Speech Text Aga Khan] [Speech Text President Mr. Mintimer Sh. Shaimiev ] [Nurani family arriving at AKAA: Prince Hussain, Princess Zahra, Princess Sarah, Princess Salwa.] [Visit to Museum of the Quran (Bolgar, Russia)]

2019, September 12: A stamp commemorating the Aga Khan Award for Architecture ceremony in Kazan was released by the post office in a ceremony attended by Mowlana Hazar Imam. [More]

2019, September 11: H.H. The Aga Khan arrived at 1:10pm in Kazan for the AKAA ceremonies starting tomorrow. In 2006, Princess Zahra received in Kazan, the World Habitat Award. Do not miss the Webcast on 13th September! [More]

2019, September 3: Our historical Darkhana Jamatkhana's roof partially collapsed on the second floor (bangli). Fortunately there are no reports of anyone being seriously injured. Shukhr! Though it is a minor accident, and there are thousands of Jamatkhanas in the world, this Jamatkhana is one of the historical Ismaili buildings in Africa and the roof which partially collapsed is expected to be rebuilt so activities can resume soon. That would be good news! [MORE]

2019, August 8: - Aga Khan Network has invested US$300 million in Mozambique since 2001 - [MORE]

2019 August 5 - 8: Prince Amyn Aga Khan visited Gilgit, Chitral, Hunza and Skardu in a tour of AKDN projects. [More HERE].

2019, July 9: Prince Amyn Aga Khan was awarded the City's Medal of Honour by the Mayor of the Porto Municipality, Rui Moreira who presided over a ceremony at the Casa do Roseiral, in the Gardens of the Palacio de Cristal. The medal was presented in honour of "a great patron of the arts." [More]

2019, July 9 - Prince Amyn Aga Khan, brother of the spiritual leader of the Ismailis, who recently donated to Porto the painting "Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple", now guarded at the Soares dos Reis National Museum to receive the Medal of Honor of the City in ceremony taking place on July 9, 2019 [More]

2019, July 4: Prince Amyn Aga Khan visited the Ismaili Centre, London, to officially open the Seeing Through Babel exhibition, the first public exhibit at the Centre's newly reopened Zamana Space.In London's leafy South Kensington neighbourhood, situated within the lower ground floor of the Ismaili Centre, lies the Zamana Space, a multipurpose split-level expanse, facing the prominent Exhibition Road. The appropriately named cultural quarter of the UK's capital is home to world-renowned museums, concert halls, and galleries, and plays host to arts exhibitions throughout the year. [More]

2019, July 4: H. H. The Aga Khan met Kristalina Georgieva, Chief Executive of the World Bank to discuss economic development, education, and climate adaptation for the most vulnerable communities. [More]

2019, June 24: Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan visiting AKDN institutions in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, the Serena Hotel, also the institutions in the Pamir. June 26, 2019, Prince Ali Muhammad Aga Khan, within the framework of his visit, visited the National museum of Tajikistan to familiarize himself with the rich history and culture of the Tajik people. Prince Ali Muhammad Aga Khan and the delegation accompanying him were met at the main entrance of the National museum of Tajikistan by the Director of the National museum of Tajikistan, Abduvali Sharifzoda and other responsible persons. [Update with more photos and news]

2019, June 13: EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019 - Speaker: (3:15pm - 3:25pm) Prince Hussain Aga Khan Founder & Photographer, Focused On Nature. [More]

2019, June 18 - H.H. The Aga Khan and Princess Zahra at Royal Ascot races. [More]

2019, June 11: The Annual Pluralism Lecture 2019 took place in Lisbon, where Mawlana Hazar Imam introduced this year's speaker, Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. The event, hosted by the Global Centre for Pluralism, began at 7:00 PM UTC+1, and was webcast. [Video, News, Photos and More]

2019, June 13: EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019 - Speaker: (3:15pm - 3:25pm) Prince Hussain #AgaKhan Founder & Photographer, Focused On Nature. [More]

2019, June 11: The Annual Pluralism Lecture 2019 will take place in Lisbon, where Mawlana Hazar Imam is expected to introduce this year's speaker, Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. The event, hosted by the Global Centre for Pluralism, is anticipated to begin at 7:00 PM UTC+1, and will be webcast. [Video, News, Photos and More]

2019, June 2: Princess Zahra was at the Prix du Jokey Club in Paris at Chantilly racetracks. Horses owned and bred by His Highness the Aga Khan and Princess Zahra Aga Khan have won 38 races in 2019. [More]

2019, May 26: Opening of the Aga Khan Stand and the new Curragh [More]

2019, May 21: Tajikistan: Kozidavlat Koimdodov, 69 years old diplomat, replaces Ali Akbar Pesnani from Pakistan as head of AKF in Tajikistan. The article explores the development and other challenges faced by AKF in Tajikistan.[More]

2019, June 13: Geneva, Switzerland, Speech delivered by Prince Hussain Aga Khan:"Resilient Housing Challenge" [Speech]

2019, May 8: - AKU University Hospital designed by award-winning international architects: H.H. The Aga Khan will be in Kampala, Uganda at Nakawa, site in July to perform the ground-breaking ceremony with President Museveni to commerce construction works. [More]

2019, May 6: Air Italy's inaugural flight to Toronto took off today from Milan Malpensa following a launch ceremony featuring media and dignitaries led by Rahim Aga Khan, Sultan Ali Allana, Director Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, Rossen Dimitrov, Chief Operating Officer Air Italy, and Armando Brunini, Chief Executive Officer SEA. [More]

2019, May 2:Prince Karim Aga Khan visited Porto today and met Mayor Rui Moreira at City Hall at 4pm. He was accompanied by Prince Amyn Aga Khan.They visited Soares dos Reis Museum and gifted the famous "Presentation of the Virgin Mary" painting to the Museum. At Porto City Hall, H.H. The Aga Khan was presented with the Key of the City. [more photos, video,news]

2019, April 19 - Prince Rahim Aga Khan has arrived in Pakistan. [More]

13 APRIL 2019: The Aga Khan University's Board of Trustees welcomed representatives from Portugal’s government, Higher Education institutions, and leaders of the Jamat and Aga Khan Development Network to a special event in Lisbon on 13 April 2019. At a special dinner hosted in Lisbon on 13 April 2019, the Aga Khan University (AKU) celebrated its partnership with Portuguese universities on research and development initiatives. The event was attended by Mawlana Hazar Imam and Princess Zahra. The AKU Board of Trustees welcomed representatives from Portugal’s Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education; the Catholic University of Portugal; Nova University of Lisbon; and leaders of the Jamat and Aga Khan Development Network. The evening included a keynote address by Carlos Moedas, the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation. [Video, Photos and News]

2019, April 5: Prince Aly Muhammad has started a week long tour of East Africa to visit AKDN institutions. He has arrived in Zanzibar Friday 5th April and is expected in Dar es Salaam 7th April. After visiting the Aga Khan Hospital Monday, he left for Nairobi where stayed stay 3 days. On 11th April he was in Mombasa, Kenya. He also flew for a brief visit to Kampla in Uganda [More]

2019, March 31: Lisbon, Portugal - On Sunday each of the Laureates performed at a special AGA KHAN Music Awards Ceremony after which His Excellency President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Mawlana Hazar Imam presented the awards. The event was live webcast. [More info!] [Speeches]

2019, March 29 - Lisbon, Portugal - AGA KHAN MUSIC AWARDS at Gulbekian Museum in Lisbon - The 2019 Aga Khan Music Awards opened with a concert on Friday 29 March featuring the Gulbenkian Orchestra with Master Musicians of the Aga Khan Music Initiative. This concert was webcast live starting at 9 PM (GMT). Mowlana Hazar Imam attended with several members of his family (Prince Amyn, Prince Hussain, Prince Aly Muhammad) - Responding to a question on the objective of the Aga Khan Music Awards, Prince Amyn spoke of multiple purposes, explaining "The first one is to assist and stimulate musicians, both performers and composers, in Muslim cultures and areas that we know." Prince Amyn continued, "Secondly, to assist the knowledge to go global, so that music can evolve not only locally, but also globally, in the dialogue of cultures. So, the idea is to form a global group of musicians performing and composing, whose music emanates from our traditions." - [Stamp] [News and Photos] [Prince Amyn & H.H. The Aga Khan's Speeches Video]

2019, March 29: Lisbon, Portugal - Minister of Culture and Prince Aga Khan at the donation ceremony of two paintings of the 17th century Portuguese artist Bento da Silveira to the National Museum of Ancient Art. "Virgin with the boy and the vision of the Cross" and "Rest on the return of Egypt". Prince Amyn and Prince Hussain accompanied Mowlana Hazar Imam. [More]

2019, March 29: Toronto, Canada: Princess Yasmin Aga Khan who visited the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto discussed her mother, Rita Hayworth, and Alzheimer’s disease in an interview to Globe & Mail. [Photo and news]

2019. Mars 1: What event beat the economic effect of Web Summit? It was the closing festival of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Aga Khan IV as spiritual leader of the Nizari Ismailis, a branch of the Shia Muslims, held in Lisbon from the 5th to the 11th of July 2018. Forbes Portugal gives the impact of the Jubilee celebration on the local economy. [More]

2019, 12 March - London, United Kingdom, - During a dinner at Buckingham Palace, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, founder and President of The Prince's Trust, today announced His Highness the Aga Khan as Global Founding Patron of The Prince's Trust's work. (AKDN) [More]

2019, March 11: H.H. The Aga Khan at the celebrations for Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey in London, UK. Mowlana Hazar Imam was sited with utmost respect in the first row across the Queen, Prince Charles and other members of the British royal family. [More]

2019, March 9 - Princess Zahra Aga Khan attended in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the Inauguration of the Phase II of the Aga Khan Hospital. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa officiated the inauguration of the $83 million (about Sh190.9 billion) worth expanded Aga Khan Hospital-Dar es Salaam (AKHD) building. Delegates from Government as well as partner agencies such as the French Development Agency and guests attended the ceremony. Speech and more will be updated soon. [More video, speech and photos!]

2019, March 4 - NEWS: - AKDN's Prince Rahim Aga Khan and Princess Salwa attended signing of M.O.U between AKU and University of Washington of an agreement to further population health, research, service and education. Princess Salwa played a key role in encouraging the nascent partnership. [More]

VIDEO: 2019 February 20 - Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan visited a farm and a school today in Chitravad, India as part of his AKDN work. Chitravad is a small village near Rajkot and Junagadh in Gujarat and has a Jamatkhana as well as an Aga Khan School. He also went to Diu and Junagahad. [More photos and news here]

2019, February 14 Busy day for Prince Hussain Aga Khan who arrived in Kenya Sunday for a 5 days visit to Kenya with Princess Fareen. Prince Hussain had meetings at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi in the morning from 9:30am to 12:30. He went then to Town Jamatkhana at 2:30pm. Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko is giving this afternoon an address. The Town JK is hosting the Art Exhibition on Conservancy of Ocean Life featuring photography by Prince Hussain.[More]

2019, January 28: Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan visited the Al-Azhar Park in Cairo this 28 January 2019. in 2005, Egyptian first lady Suzanne Mubarak and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, a private agency which seeks to revitalize Muslim communities, inaugurated the largest public park built in Cairo in over a century. In his speech at that time, Mowlana Hazar Imam said "And I want to assure you that until the Park is fully developed, the Wall fully restored, I will continue to watch over this project like a father watching a child grow up. And one day this child will walk on its own, with its own decisions and it will move forwards determining its own future. " More photos

2019, January 15 - Berlin, Germany - H.H. The Aga Khan emphasised three essential ingredients for stability and effective development in fragile contexts: a focus on local communities, a commitment to pluralism and the importance of a strong civil society. The Aga Khan was speaking at an event entitled, "Fragile States 'Weiterdenken'('Thinking Ahead') – Utilising Experiences from Stabilisation Measures for the Future", which brought together leaders from the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and German development partners. [Speech] [More]

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