Paths 143 to 153 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   satpanthee to utam avataar chhe
                 tene sou kahechhe daas
                 te satpa(n)thee jyaare jutthu bolshe
                 tyaare jaanno madham avataar re................143
The True Guide says: Being a follower of the Right Path is the most exalted incarnation(manifestation of the soul). Everyone calls this person a servant. When such a person lies then regard him/her as an incarnation of a bitch.
satgur kahere:   chaar jugmaa(n)he jeevddaa aavee-aa
                 ane fartaa satpa(n)th-j maa(n)he
                 jaare kusttiyaane  sa(n)gte besataa
                 taare thayaa chhe gur nar naa chor re..........144
The True Guide says: The souls of the four eras have come and they have been wandering on the True Path only. But whenever they sat in the company of the weak, at that time they became the thieves of the Shaah Peer.
satgur kahere:   satpa(n)thee have tame chet-jo
                 ane vaaro potaanu man
                 have ek teel jutthu bolsho
                 to gur kahe nahee paamsho moksh re.............145
The True Guide says: The followers of the True Path now be warned and control your own minds. Now if you lie even a bit(weight of a simsim seed), then the Guide tells us that you will not attain salvation as a result.
satgur kahere:   chaar jug naa jeevddaa chhutteeyaa
                 te betthaa jue chhe vaatt
                 te maa(n)he juttho thai je chaalshe
                 to shu dekhaaddshe mukh re.....................146
The True Guide says: The souls of the four eras have been freed and are seated and waiting. In such a distinguished gathering anyone who walks in a false manner, what kind of face will he show?
satgur kahere:   jenne potaano jeev nav vaareeyo
                 ane beejaane deeye chhe dukh
                 te aagall jaata judo paddshe
                 bhaai te jeevthee rahejo dur re................147
The True Guide says: The one who has not controlled his soul and gives others a hard time, such a one will be separated ahead. Brother, stay away from such a soul.
satgur kahere:   sarevaa keeje satpanthnee 
                 ane ne gurgatsu dheeaa-e
                 pann nee(n)daa man nav raakhee-e aapannu
                 jethee dharma sarve jaay re....................148
The True Guide says: Serve and worship the True Path and adore the presence of the Guide and the congregation, i.e, Jamatkhana. But do not occupy your mind with backbiting and slander, due to which the entire benefits of religion will be wiped out.
satgur kahere:   ame pukaareeyaa bahot kar
                 ane ved maa(n)he deedhee chhe saa(n)kh
                 gur gat saathe besataa
                 pann jeev na raakhe tthaam re..................149
The True Guide says: We have cried out to you a great deal and have given you the Link in the scriptures. They sat with the Guide and conregation(J.K) but did not keep their souls(minds) in the abode(in tune with the Divine).
satgur kahere:   purav janamnaa je paapee thayaa
                 te na mele potaano tthaam
                 te gat jumlaamaa(n)  aavee malle
                 toy na mele paapnu kaam re.....................150
The True Guide says: Those who were sinful in their past births do not abandon their (evil) abode. They come to the entire congregation and meet, even then they do not abandon the sinful work.
satgur kahere:   leemb kadavaa te meetthaa na hove
                 jo deeje sarave jugakaa ras
                 te deedaar dekhe shaah aleetannu
                 toy kadavaaino na chhodde kas re...............151
The True Guide says: The sour lemon does not become sweet even if we apply the juice of the entire world. In the same manner the evil person experiences the Divine Light. Even then does not abandon the sourness of the soul.
satgur kahere:   te fokatt duniyaa tene maanve
                 te leemb thee na chhutte paap
                 te bhellaa jo kaai bolee-e
                 to ultto dojake jaay re........................152
The True Guide says: The vain world believes in such a person. With (the sourness of) the lemon, the sins do not get pardoned. If one speaks anything in the company of such, he/she turns upside down and goes to hell.
satgur kahere:   jees mukhe haree naam japee-e
                 ane naam naaraayann nu jaann
                 tees mukhthee kene aall bolaa-e
                 to kem karee paamee-e moksh re.................153
The True Guide says: The mouth that you use to recite the name of the Lord, and know it as the name of the Exalted. If you falsely accuse someone with such a mouth, how will you attain salvation.

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