Paths 154 to 164 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   jees mukhthee amarat jamee-e
                 ane tees mukh kheer ne khaa(n)dd
                 tees mukhthee kene eb chaddaavee-e
                 tyaare te jamyaanaa kevaa fall re..............154
The True Guide says: The mouth that you use to drink the Holy Water and with the same mouth you eat rice flour and sugar(sukreet). If you attribute a fault to someone with the same mouth, what will be the fruits of such consumption.
satgur kahere:   tame neh-j raakho gurnar shaahsu
                 ane gurnarnee jaanno vaat
                 tame cheetmaa(n)he chetee bolsho
                 to lakhe jabaraail haath re....................155
The True Guide says: Keep your entire love for Shaah Peer the Lord, and know the words of the Shaah Peer. If you speak having been vigilant in your consciousness, then the angel Gibraail will note down your (righteous)speech by his hand.
satgur kahere:   jyaathakee tame avataryaa
                 ane avtaryaa sa(n)saar-j maa(n)he
                 te deenthee ame lekhu maagshu
                 ane dharam paapnu jaann re.....................156
The True Guide says: Since the time you incarnated, and indeed incarnated in the world. We will ask for the account since that day, and know this to be of virtue and sins.
satgur kahere:   lekhu thaashe gurnarnee hajurmaa(n)
                 ane paase gur besaaddee jaann
                 tyaa dharam tamaaraa tollshe
                 ane chaddshe kaagale jaann re..................157
The True Guide says: The account will take place in the presence of Shaah Peer and the Lord will have the Guide seated near Him. There He will weigh your religion and it will be written on the paper.
satgur kahere:   dharam dasho(n)d detaa je puraa paddshe
                 te thaashe tolaatol
                 pachhe to gurnarne haath chhe
                 te tolyaanee shudh-j jaann re..................158
The True Guide says: Those who are perfect in their submission of the religious tithes, will have scales upon scales for weighing. Then it will all depend upon the Shaah Peer, who has the entire understanding of the weighing process.
satgur kahere:   paap jo ek teel vaadhshe
                 vallee naaraayann ne hajur
                 tyaa jeev ghanno pastaavse
                 paddse ghaa maathaamaa jaann re................159
The True Guide says: If the sins increase by a little bit and in the presence of the Lord, there the soul will regret a great deal and a wound will fall on the head.
satgur kahere:   adal karshe moro saahee-aa
                 tyaa khameeyaanaa fall-j jaann
                 je khameeyaa raakhe deheemaa(n)
                 tene tyaa thaashe salaam re....................160
The True Guide says: My Lord will exercise justice. Over there, there will be the entire fruits of patience. Whoever keeps patience in his/her body will be greeted there with salutations of peace.
satgur kahere:   paa(n)ch tatva maa(n) sardaar chhe
                 bhaai tenu kshamaiyaa naam
                 je kshmaa raakhe dehee maa
                 tene tyaa sau ootthee kare salaam re...........161
The True Guide says: Among the five essentials(virtues) it is the leader. Brother, it's name is forgiveness. Whoever keeps forgiveness in his/her body, will be saluted while standing by everyone there.
satgur kahere:   veegat raakhee-e aapannee
                 kene mukhthee na bolee-e lagaar
                 ekaa(n)te chaaleeye mansu
                 to aagall paamsho moksh deeksh re..............162
The True Guide says: Keep the details (ofthe mysteries) to yourselves and never tell them to others. Conduct yourselves with oneness of mind, then you will be initiated into salvation.
satgur kahere:   ekaa(n)te dharam-j keejee-e
                 ane gatane keeje salaam
                 haal vaayke gatmaa(n) e aalee-e
                 to aagall paamsho moksh re.....................163
The True Guide says: Practise the entire religion with oneness of mind, and give salutations to the congregation. Perform repentance in the congregation according to the Farmaan of the Imam. Then you will attain salvation ahead.
satgur kahere:   chhaano neh-j raakhee-e
                 jem beejo na jaanne koi
                 gat aagall araj keejee-e
                 to chautte chaddee ne lesho deedaar re.........164
The True Guide says: Keep the entire love and devotion secret and in a manner that no one else knows about it. In front of the congregation perform your supplications(with mukhi/kamadia). Then you will get the Spiritual Vision and Light even in the openness of the market place.

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