Paths 165 to 175 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   rennee jaagee-e baap re
                 janpee-e shaah peer ko naam
                 nee(n)daa thaay tyaathee oothee jai-e
                 to rahennee nu mul paamo amar tthaam re........165
The True Guide says: (spiritually)poor one, be awake during the night and remember the word of the Shaah Peer. Wherever there is backbiting and slander, get up and leave. Then the reward(price) of the night will be the immortal and eternal abode.
satgur kahere:   rennee jaage baapdde
                 pann manthee na mele aha(n)kaar
                 tene sudho chor-j jaann-jo
                 tenee ved maa(n)he chhe pokaar re..............166
The True Guide says: A (spiritually) poor person remains awake at night but does not abandon pride from his/her mind. Know this person entirely as a pure thief and in his/her (recitation of the) scripture there is uproar and regret.
satgur kahere:   ved pukaare chomukhthee
                 je maa(n)he bhrahmaajee nee saakh
                 je ved veechaaree nahee chaalshe
                 te kem aave amaare duvaar re...................167
The True Guide says: A person yells at the scripture with his/her mouth wide open in it is the Link with the Creator. The one who conducts himself/herself without reflecting upon the scriptures, how can he/she come to our abode.
satgur kahere:   dhar amaaro chhe doelo
                 te maa(n)he ghaa(n)ttee-u chhe apaar
                 ek ek ghaattee maa(n)he soll chok chhe
                 te been khame-aa na aave haath re..............168
The True Guide says: (the path to) our door is difficult, there are countless mountain passes on it. Each and every mountain pass has sixteen courtyards, without patience you can not overcome them.
satgur kahere:   khame-aa keeje sat dharamnee
                 je maa(n)he dev bharyaa chhe ana(n)t apaar
                 te devnee sabhaa to paamee-e
                 jo rahennee rahee-e jaagee jeekar-j saar re....169
The True Guide says: Have patience for(the sake of) True Religion which is full of countless and limitless spirits. The one who attains the gathering of the spirits, is he/she who spends the entire night awakened to rememberance of the Lord only.
satgur kahere:   dharamee kaarann ame aaveeyaa
                 ane jovaa satpa(n)thee jeev
                 je satpa(n)thee saachaa imaansu
                 te amaara saachaa utam mee(n)t re..............170
The True Guide says: We have come for the sake of the religious and the pious ones and to observe the followers of the True Path. The ones who are the followers of the True Path by virtue of true faith and conviction, are our true and exalted friends.
satgur kahere:   satpa(n)thee tenu naam kahee-e
                 jenne pa(n)jbhu maaryaa kaall
                 khameaa naa khaddag radeh samaannaa
                 bhaai tene kahee-e utam mee(n)t re.............171
The True Guide says: We call a person the follower of the True Path, who has slayed the five vices to death. If he carrys the sword of patience in his/her heart. Brother, we call him the exalted friend.
satgur kahere:   satpa(n)th maa(n)he chaar devtaa
                 ane bhagat tenaa naam
                 pahelaaj, hareecha(n)ddhr, yudhisthar
                 peer sadardeen tene saath re..................172
The True Guide says: There are four spirits on the True Path and they are called the pious ones. Pahelaaj, Hareecha(n)ddhra, Yudhistar Peer Sadardeen are with them.
satgur kahere:   hete-j khaann maa(n)hethee te neepnaa
                 aaj chak fad vellaa maa(n)he jaann
                 shukravaaree beej nu farmaan chhe
                 peer hasan kabeerdeen tenu naam re............173
The True Guide says: It is entirely for sake of love that He created from the origin. Today in the time of intrigue and inspection. There is a farmaan to fulfil the fast of shuravaaree beej and it was made by Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen.
satgur kahere:   nar neera(n)jan to neeraakaar chhe
                 tenu mowlaa alee chhe naam
                 satgur sohodev em bhaa(n)khyaa
                 shaah paschim dishaa maa(n)he tthaam re........174
The True Guide says: The Lord who is unknowable is formless. His name is Mowla Ali. This is what the True Guide Peer Sadardeen foretells, the (physical) abode of the Lord is in the direction of the West.
satgur kahere:   huraau pachaas tenee jaashe
                 ane saragvaaso na jaann
                 tene feett kaar laage satgur tannee
                 je raakhe par stree su neh re..................175
The True Guide says: The person's fifty (guardian)angels will go and the heavenly residence will not be his. This person who earns the curse of the True Guide, is the one who is in love with a woman other than his wife.

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