It is with great happiness that I send you this message for the Health Seminar which the Aga Khan Central Health Board of Pakistan and UNICEF have organised to Commemorate the International Year of the Child.

I am proud of this cooperation as UNICEF has placed its trust in our Board for many years and the result of this unique relationship between a large international charitable agency and our private initiative health organisation has been a noticeable uplift in the standard of health care in many parts of Pakistan, especially the rural areas. UNICEF'S generous gifts have included powdered milk, vehicles for use in the inaccessible and mountainous north, and equipment fore the recently opened maternity home in Karimabad, Karachi. We know that we can always rely on the wise counsel and experience which they have built up over many years across every continent.

My warmest thanks go to them for this renewed display of confidence without which a Seminar such as this could not take place. It is our hope and wish to strengthen our ties with UNICEF to the benefit of the sick in the third world, including more immediately India, Kenya, Tanzania and Syria - countries where our health activities are greatest.

I note that more than half the participants in your Seminar are Lady Health Visitors, some from other Asian and African countries. They are the backbone of these countries' Rural Health Programmes. They experience the problems at first hand and often have to apply their skills and knowledge in difficult and challenging circumstances, respect and admire their dedication to a cause which is so fittingly commemorated by the International Year of the Child.

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