March 23, 1983

His Royal Higness Prince Karim Aga Khan, Dishan-i-Pakistan


Greetings, Your Royal Highness.

The people and the Government of Pakistan have followed with profound admiration and interest the devotion and deep sense of commitment with which Your Highness has been engaged in promoting social and economic welfare activities of Pakistan, of the Islamic Ummah as a whole and indeed of the entire developing world. Your outstanding contributions to the furtherance of these worthy objectives constitute a fitting continuation of the noble traditions of service and humanism of your illustrious family.

Your Highness, in Pakistan, the social welfare works of the Aga Khan Health & Education Services are providing with medical and educational facilities of a large segment of our population, especially in the Northern Areas. The fact that a number of rural support programmes have been introduced in remote and far-flying villages of our country bears eloquent testimony to Your Highness' keen perception of basic needs of the community and of matters that affect the day to day life and well-being of the people. The introduction to bigger projects under the aegis of the Aga Khan foundations, including the establishment of a large and modern teaching hospital in Karachi, which has already started functioning is similarly a glowing tribute to the humanitarian concerns and interests of Your Highness. Pakistan is also the beneficiary of the Aga Khan Awards foundations and the Industrial Promotion Services, which are providing much-needed investment opportunities to our country. The Aga Khan University of Medical Sciences at Karachi constitutes a landmark in the educational progress of Pakistan, as it would no doubt become a centre of excellence and a focal point for research and development in a most important field of science and technology.

As a mark of recognition of your invaluable contributions to Pakistan's social and economic development, to the well-being of the World of Islam, to your high-minded attachment to noble causes and concerns, and as a tokent of our deep affection and fraternal regard for Your Higness, we present to you, Prince Karim Aga Khan, the award of Nishan in the Order of Pakistan, which is the highest Civil Award in Pakistan.

Source: Hidayat, July 1983

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