DECEMBER 11, 1988


In the Saligrah issue, Africa Ismaili reported the celebration of IPS Kenya's Silver Jubilee. This Company, together with its' sister Companies in Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire and Switzerland, was incorporated on March 1, 1963.

As part of the Company's Silver Jubilee celebrations, on December 11, 1988, a function was organised at the Nairobi Serena Hotel's Mandari Room to award Long Service Certificates each individually signed and personally presented by Mawlana Hazar Imam to a representative group from its' various companies.

Altogether 199 employees received these certificates for service of over 10 years, however, of these 48 had completed between 15-20 years, while 27 had completed over 20 year of service as of March 1, 1988.

Speaking on the occasion, Vazier Zaher Ahamed, Chairman of IPS Group Kenya welcomed Hazar Imam to family' celebration, and said: "What one might ask, is the basis of the loyalty of so may people? In our case, it is the respect, admiration and esteem in which you (Hazar Imam) are held by your employees". On behalf of the IPS group employees, he gave an "unqualified undertaking of complete devotion and of accountability of good management, good conduct and good comradeship on the good ship IPS Kenya in the next 25 years".

A special Silver Jubilee bonus of one month's salary was given to each employee. Gifts of portable televisions, radio cassette players and bicycles were also presented to certain employees.

Speaking on the concept of IPS, Mawlana Hazar Imam said:

"And the idea, that development companies could commit substantial quantities of equity, to the developing world, and demonstrate that equity could be invested, be made productive, could grow and establish sound long-term enterprises, was, in 1963, a difficult question for people to believe in, and to sustain. I think to-day, that decision has been demonstrated to have been a sound and a correct one."

Mawlana Hazar Imam concluded by congratulating the management and staff of IPS Operating Companies for their good performance:

"I would like to take this occasion to express to you all, my very deep gratitude, for the wonderful work that you have done, for the commitment that you have shown to meeting challenges, to sustaining enterprises which were frail when they were launched."

The family function' ended with a reception by the swimming pool, during which Hazar Imam mingled informally with the management and staff. He took a keen and personal interest in the educational background and work done by the employees. Everyone was impressed with Hazar Imam's detailed knowledge of the technical aspects and commercial operation of each group company.

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