Aga Khan III - Photo 0031

- Hidayat, Nairobi, August 21 1945

During Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah's visit to Nairobi, He stated that August 17 was a very significant day in the life of the Imam as this was the first time He was present with the Jamat on the actual day of the accession to the Gadi of Imamat, 60 years on August 17, 1945.

He further declared that as of the following year, that is , August 17, 1946, should be called "Diamond Jubliee Day" and thus should be celebrated with love and affection as a Khushilali Day.

He continued that so far only 3 Imams had celebrated their Diamond Jubilees; that is , they had been on the Gadi of Imamat for 60 years. The first was Mowlana Shah Mustansirbilla I, was Imam for 60 years. The second was Mowlana Shah Kassim Shah who had been Imam for 61 years. And the third was Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah's grand father, Aga Hassan Ali Shah who had been Imam for 65 years; and now, today, August 17, 1945, Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah's Imamat will also be for 60 years..

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