A. Bayaan Saanchakaa - Description of the Thruth

suno bhaaee momeeno, mowlaa ke kalaam kaa bayaan;
kaheyaa hae ke imaan marad kaa, so tu(n) sukhan su(n) pehechhaan;
jo sukhan meene(n) hae saachaa, so hae saachaa imaanee;
imaan ke saach kee, hae sukhan neeshaanee.........................2

Listen, o brother believers, to the account of the teaching of the Lord Ali, who has said that you should recognize a man's faith by his word, for he who is truthful in word has true faith. One's word is the token of the truth of one's faith.

saach se(n) hae marad kaa chhottakaa, bhaaee saachee vaa(n)chaa raakho mukh;
jutth bole so bohot dukh paave, saach bole kabhee na paave dukh;
saachaa bolo saachaa chaalo, ke momeen kaa hae saachaa deen;
e pharamaayaa shaah-e oleeaa, aap man raakho saachaa yakeen.......3

Through the truth comes the salvation of man, so keep true words upon your lips, o brother. He who utters lies suffers great pain, but he who speaks the truth never suffers pain. Speak the truth and proceed in truth, for truth is the religion of a believer. It has been laid down by the Lord of the Saints that you should bear true faith in your heart.

saachee dosatee us kee jaanno, jo kol meene(n) hae saachaa; saachaa mee(n)tar soee jaanno,
jo mee(n)tar se(n) saachee raakhe vaa(n)chaa;
pireet karee-e(n) saache su(n), jo bole so nibhaave;
to saache saaheb beheshat denne keeaa, pann pireet kare so paave..4

Realize true friendship is that formed with him who is true to his word. Know him to be a true friend who keeps true promises with his friend. Give your love to a truthful person, who faithfully does what he says. The Lord bestows paradise upon the truthful, but those who love Him find it.

chalannee chalee-e(n) gunaah na karee-e(n), imaan raakho saachaa;
utam chalannee ehee jaanno, jo saachee raakho vaachaa;
chalannee chalee-e(n) odham karee-e(n), so beechaareene karanaa;
ke gunaah na hove jis me(n) rab kaa, rab se(n) to sahee daranaa...5

Proceed upon the proper path, do not commit sin, and keep true faith. Realize that the best way of action is to keep true promises. Proceed upon the proper path and strive hard, reflecting before you act, so that there may be no sin in it against God, who is truly to be feared.

jo koi saache pa(n)th chaale, sab koi us ke pa(n)th me(n) aave; saache pa(n)th kee ehee neeshaanee,
jo saachaa pa(n)th sab ke man bhaave; allaah ek jaano sirajan-haar, mohammad jaanno allaah kaa nabee;
nabee jee ke peechhe saaheb khilaaphat,
sach kar maano murtazaa 'alee...........................6

All come to follow the path of whoever proceeds along the True Path. The token of the True Path is that the True Path is pleasing to everyone. Know that Allah is the One Creator, and know that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. After the Prophet, as Lord of his Caliphate, truly believe in Ali the Chosen.

saachaa nabee hae dosat khudaa kaa, or saachaa to hae khudaava(n)d aap;
saachaa bolan-haar ku(n) panaah khudaa kee, us ku(n) kuchh na poho(n)che sa(n)taap;
saachaa kilaave dosat khudaa kaa, saache par sadaa hae rahemat rab kee;
saachaa khudaa ku(n) haazar bujhe, ke khudaa hae dil me(n) khalakat sab kee.................7

The Prophet is the true friend of God, and God Himself is indeed True. He who speaks the truth finds refuge with God, and no harm comes to him. The friend of God is known by truth: God's mercy is ever given to the true. The true know God as ever present, for God is at the heart of all creation.

taazagee momeene kee saach se(n) thee hae, e kalaam tu(n) sahee sach kar maan;
saach so eemaan saachaa jaanno, or saach so taazagee neeshaan;
allaah ek mohammad nabee, mowlaa 'alee hae nabee jee ke tthaam;
es reet imaan layaao, karo kabul, e hae hukam kalaam..............8

The vital force of a believer comes from truth: this is the Teaching which you should truly realise. Know that true faith is truth, and truth is the token of vital force. God is one, Muhammad is His Prophet, and the Lord Ali is in the Prophet's place. In this fashion apply your faith, and accept it, for such is the commandment of the Teaching.

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