F. Bayanne Laalach - Temptation

jeese laalach ghannee, so na sa(n)tokhe keesee haal,
bohot dolat etee paave, jo saaree duneeyaakaa bee paave maal;
to bee laalacheekee aa(n)khaa nahee bhare, bharanekaa nahee hae sul;
usakee aakhaa(n) tab bhare, jab padde ghorkee dhul...............41

Those who have great temptation (for wealth and power), are never satisfied under any circumstance, even if the wealth of the whole world is under their disposal. Their eyes remain thirsty of seeing more and more wealth and there is no remedy for this thirst. This thirst will only subside when the dust of the grave falls upon them.

maradakee khuaaree laalachse(n)thee, ke laalach hae neet bheekhaaree;
ke laalachse(n) to eej-jat jaave, aave use bahot khuvaaree;
laalachkee koee baat na maane, sab jaane use heennaa;
saat peheekaa naam ddubaave, bhatth paddyaa usakaa jeennaa.......42

The ruin of a gentle man is due to temptations, and due to temptations he ever remains a beggar. Due to temptations one loses honour and self respect and is completely ruined. No one believes such a person as everyone regards him as unworthy. He discredits his own next seven generations and his life is a disgrace.

laalacheekee laalach jaanno, ke laalacheeku(n) kare hae katal,
ke aap haath aap halkaa hove, khove duneeyaa deen laalach badal;
ke vyaaj laalach paeesaa orku(n) deve, jo vae fer naa deve to duneeyaa gaee,
jo ladde to jeev bee jaave, or aakabat bee une khoee sahee.......43

Know the temptation of the tempted one, as that which kills the tempted one. His hands and himself are unworthy, he loses both worlds for the sake of temptation. A person who lends money with the temptation of gaining high interest, feels miserable lest the principle and interest is unpaid. Even if he decides to sue the debtor, he remains disturbed and he has also lost the peace of the hereafter.

manakaa dukhddaa laalach hae, us man kabhee na hove sukh;
jo lukmaan hakeem aa kar eelaaj kare, tobee na jaaysee dukh;
mankaa dukhddaa yeh hae, jo bahot mohobat dunee-aa baddaaee;
eesakaa daaru laalach chhuttannee, so peer kaameelthee e peeddaa jaave bhaaee...............44

The unrest of the mind is due to temptation, for a person afflicted by it never is at peace. Even if the great physician Luqman attempted to cure such a person, his unrest will not go. The unrest of the mind is that which is generated by too much love for the world and it's greatness. The only remedy for such a person is to submit himself to the command of the Perfect Teacher( Mursheed Kameel).

halkaa hove laalchee, pann vae to nahee jaanne ye baat;
laalach use halkaa kare, ke dha(n)dhaa karaave deen or raat;
ees duneeyaa dha(n)dhe buddaaha huaa, tobee duneeyaa na aaee kuchh haath;
ab chet dha(n)dhaa aesaa kar le, jo tu(n) utth chale to aave tere saath......45

A tempted person is always degraded but he is unaware of the fact. Temptation degrades him and engages him in earning activities day and night. As a result he has sunk himself in this world, even then has not been able to gain control over it. So be heedful and perform such activities which will come along with you after you have taken leave of this world.

teen shae halaak karanhaaree, jees meene vae aaee;
vae te bohot halaak huaa, aakbat une gamaaee;
ek bakheelee or lobh ghanneraa, or nek amalthee bhaage;
usaku(n) to sahee ddubaa jaanno, e ba(n)deku(n) nahee chhaaje....46

This is a matter which causes ruin, for the one in whom it has manifested. Such a person is completely ruined and has lost the hereafter. One miser has too much greed, and he runs away from good deeds. Know him as being completely drowned and is not liked by others.

jo koee keese deve, usakee vae bohot kare vakhaann;
jo or leneku(n) vakhaann kare, to usaku(n) tu(n) laalchee peechhaann;
jo koee kuchh deve, to shukar allaah aagall karee-e;
ba(n)de aagal na vakhaannee-e, laalach man na dharee-e...........47

When someone gives a person anything, the recipient praises the giver a great deal. When someone praises with the expectation of obtaining something, then know him as a tempted person. When someone gives you anything, then gives thanks to God. Do not praise a creature and do not harbour temptation in your mind.

dunee-aadaar sab man dukhee, okhad e hae jo laalach chhoddo;
deelakaa vahaann tufaan hae laalach, keenaare taraf mohoraa moddo;
jeene keenaaraa pakaddaa khaddaa, or chhoddaa sab lobh ja(n)jaal;
us man dukh kabee na aave, pal pal adakaa hove khushhaal.........48

The minds of all the worldly people are unhappy, and the way out of this is to abandon temptations. The storm shaking the ship of the heart is temptation and it turns the ship back as it approaches the shores. Those who have held the shores firmly and have abandoned all greedy entrapments, their minds never experience unhappiness and their happiness increases gradually.

laalach lobh bakheelee chhoddo, karo ba(n)dagee sakhaavat kaam;
buraa amal to naam ddubaave, nek amalthee raheve nek naam;
nekee so pahechhaan khudaakee, ke sab deel meene hae subahaan;
e samaj sabase muravat karo, to tumase raajee raheve aap rahemaan............49

Give up temptations, greed and miserliness and perform servanthood, and charitable work. Bad deeds sink your reputation, and through good deeds your reputation remains good. Know that goodness is that of God and in all the hearts the Glorious is present. Maintain this understanding in the most discrete manner, then your Merciful will remain happy with you.

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