E. Muzhamat Bakheelkee - Greed Reprimanded

maaldaar jo bakheel huaa, to bakheelee hae usaku(n) aazhaab;
jaysaa aagal rakh-khaa khaannaa neeyaamat, khaannaa na paave khaannaa sheetaab;
jo neeyaamat maulaane ba(n)deku(n) deetee, to khaave kharche jeeyu(n) hae farmaan;
jo na khaave na kharche chhodd mare, to donu(n) jahaanme(n) hove pashemaan..............36

When a rich man becomes greedy, his greediness is a curse to him. It is like good food being placed before him and he does not feel like eating it. When the Lord has graced his creature with all niyamat(wealth), he should enjoy it and spend it according to the farmaan(command). If he does not enjoy it or spend it(in charity) and dies leaving his wealth behind, then in both worlds he is condemned to misery.

maal bakheelkaa pathar jaesaa, na aayaa usake kuchh kaaj;
na aakabat keree vaatt sa(m)vaaree, na khaayaa na peeyaa na keeyaa raaj;
bakheel kamaave or dhutaare khaave, usake naseeb vae huaa path-thar;
lekhe velaa vae puchhaaesee, e sunn kharcho kyu(n) ahamak hotaa hae sunkar..............37

The wealth of a greedy man is like a stone, as it is of no use to him. Neither has it served to ease his path of the hereafter nor has he eaten nor has he drunk nor has he ruled with it. The greedy man earns and the deceivers eventually consume it, such is his luck as a stone. At the time of accountability, he will be asked about his misuse of wealth.

jeesakaa haath na hove kushaad, e bhalaa usathee ke jeesakaa deel na hove kushaad;
haath ta(n)gase koee shaad na hove, jeesakaa seenaa ta(n)g so aap na hove shaad;
aap deel shaad karannese par deel shaad karanaa hae bhalaa;
deel kushaad karo sab deel manaa-o, ke sab deel mane hae aap allaah ....................38

The one whose hands are not open, is better than the one whose heart is not open. By being mean no one can be open, and the one who is heavy hearted cannot be open. It is better to open others' hearts than the heart of oneself. Have a generous heart and try to bring happiness to all for in every heart Allah is present.

jees keeseekaa haath ta(n)g hove usakaa seenaa bee hove ta(n)g;
ke deel usake gus-saa bohot bharaa rahe, sab saath vae kare ja(n)g;
to duneeyaa loku(n)se hae laddataa, laalach ghannee hae ta(n)g dast;
use dolat baddee or deel kushaad, jo duneeyaa naa kuchh buje vast...........39

The ones whose hands are closed, their hearts are closed as well. Their hearts are filled with anger and they fight with everyone. For them the world is a place of conflict and they are filled with greed. Those with great wealth and generous hearts, are the ones who do not know about the world.

bakheel kuchh na khaer paaesee, paaesee gazhab eelaahee;
raah khudaaeke kuchh na kharchyaa, umar saaree duneeyaa jamaaee;
haeeyaateeme(n) rab nahee peechhaanaa, duneeyaase mar kar paayaa aazaab;
maulaa farmaave cheto bhaaee, karo sakhaavat kaam savaab.........40

A greedy man, therefore, shall not achieve anything but the curse of God. This is because he does not spend in the path of God during his life. A greedy person shall not recognise the Lord and after death, his soul shall suffer. Hazarat Ali therefore commands, take heed and perform charitable acts which are beneficial.

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