Aga Khan - Timeline - 1964

Aga Khan IV - Timeline - 1964


February 6, 1964: Represented Iran in skiing as captain of the ski team in the Ninth Olympic Winter Games at Innsbruck, Austria. (photo)

June 12, 1964: Arrived in Caracas, Venezuela.

August 8, 1964: Donated Rs. 25,000 to West Pakistan Governor's Relief Fund.

November 21, 1964: Arrived in Karachi for tour of Pakistan lasting over a month. Visited Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Mangla Dam, Lahore, Sarghoda, Multan, Dacca, Chittagong and Khulna where he received rousing receptions. November 21, 1964: Guest of Honour at a very big rally of Ismailia Scouters' Associations and Volunteers' Corps, Bands and Orchestras.

November 22, 1964: Gave away prizes at a Sports' Meet at Aga Khan Gymkhana, Karachi.

1964: Hazar Imam witnessed the Aga Khan Gold Cup race where EUROPA was the winner.

November 23, 1964: Arrived at Peshawar.

November 24, 1964: Donated Rs. 125,000 to Rawalpindi Press Club.

November 24, 1964: Visited Islamabad, new capital of Pakistan. Suggested use of Islamic architecture for new buildings.

November 25, 1964: Was Chief Guest at Anjuman-e-Himayate-e-Islam function at Lahore.

December 1, 1964: At Khulna, performed opening ceremony of Rs. 13 lakhs housing project of the Pak-Platinum Cooperative Housing Society and Peoples' Jute Mill Carpet Plant, Khalipur.

December 5, 1964: Hazar Imam gave a speech at the Rotary Club in Karachi.

December 6, 1964: Was Guest of Honour at function of Pakistan Diabetic Association, Dacca.

December 7, 1964: Mowlana Hazar Imam attended reception given in his honour by East Pakistan Press Club.

December 7, 1964: Spoke at Dacca Rotary Club and emphasized the need to adopt traditional Islamic Architecture.

December 8, 1964: Laid foundation stone for proposed Rs. 25 lakhs Aligarh House at Dacca.

December 10, 1964: At Baby Health Show prize distribution. Announced construction of modern hospital and medical college in Karachi. Visited Adult Blind Center.

December 11, 1964: Performed opening ceremony of first phase of Aga Khan Secondary School, Karachi.

December 12, 1964: Performed the foundation ceremony of Prince Aly Khan Boys' Academy in Malir, Pakistan.

December 13, 1964: "A Unique Event" took place at Karachi when Mowlana Hazar Imam celebrated his birthday, for the first time with Jamats, in the grand special Darbar held at the Aga Khan Gymkhana grounds amidst delegations from Ismaili centres all over the world. Ismailis requested Imam-e-Zaman to accept the gift of a bungalow to be constructed by them in Karachi at the site of his grandfather's birthplace. (Mohammed Tekri).

December 14, 1964: Mowlana Hazar Imam visited Ismailia Women's Association and Garden Health Centre.

December 15, 1964: First World Ismailia Socio-Economic Conference inaugurated by Mowlana Hazar Imam.

December 16, 1964: Held 2nd Conference of Presidents of the World Ismailia Associations.

December 16, 1964: Grand Mehfil-e-Ginan organised by Prince Aly Khan Garden Rovers Crew was graced by Hazar Imam's presence.

December 17, 1964: Attended Garden and Kharadhar Education Board prize distribution functions.

December 17, 1964: Performed opening ceremony of Al-Ilmu Reading Room building sponsored by Aga Khan Students' Union.

December 17, 1964: Presided over concluding sessions of First World Ismailia Socio-Economic Conference.

December 19, 1964: Visited Ismailia Jamats at Mirpur Sakro, 50 miles from Karachi.

December 20, 1964: Visited Ismailia Association for Pakistan's premises.

December 20, 1964: Laid foundation stone of Ismailia Garden Cooperative Housing Society (now known as Amynabad)

December 20, 1964: Guest of Honour at a Civic Reception in Karachi. "Recapture Past Glory of Islam" He said at another reception in His honour given by the Dawoodi Bohora community of Karachi. (click here)

December 21 to 24, 1964: During tour of former province of Sind, at Hyderabad, attended Chamber of Commerce and Industry reception where He made a speech, visited Platinum Textile Mill, Amynabad Colony. Addressed Lions' dinner and laid corner-stone of Journalist Colony. At Tando Bagho, performed opening ceremony of new premises of Health Centre. Visited Jamats in Tando Mohammed Khan, Sujawal, Talhar, Sultanabad and Sukkur.(click here)

December 1964: Hazar Imam gave a speech titled "The Unique Technical Revolution" at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hyderabad. (click here)

December 23, 1964: Hazar Imam spoke at the Lions' Club in Hyderabad, Pakistan (click here)

December 25, 1964: Arrived in Nairobi to attend opening ceremony of the Platinum Jubilee Hospital extension by President Jomo Kenyatta. (click here)


Mowlana Hazar Imam at the 1964 Winter Olympics.

Mowlana Hazar Imam, Sardinia, 1964

Mowlana Hazar Imam in Dacca, February 1964

Mowlana Hazar Imam in Dacca, February 1964

Mowlana Hazar Imam cutting the Birthday Cake at the residence of Late Vazir Amirali H. Fancy on Dec. 13, 1964.

The Grand Darbar on Dec. 13, 1964

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