Aga Khan - Timeline - 1966

Aga Khan IV - Timeline - 1966


January, 1966: In the 1966 calender published by the National Bank of Pakistan, it was mentioned: "The Muslim style of architecture is being reviewed in Pakistan. One of the foremost patrons of the modern revival is His Royal Highness the Aga Khan."

January 3, 1966: Opened the 26th Antique Dealers Fair and Exhibition at Grosvenor House, London.

January, 1966: "Industrial Promotion Services of Pakistan Ltd" was formed on the initiative of Prince Karim Aga Khan.

January 8, 1966: The soil of Africa was blessed with the Holy visit of our spiritual father this month when he arrived in Leopoldville, Congo, for one day on Saturday, January 8. He came to attend the foundation ceremony of the new 20 storey building of I.P.S.

January 30, 1966: At Leopoldville, attended the foundation stone-laying ceremony of I.P.S. (Congo) by President Mobutu.

March 13, 1966: Announced donation of Rs. 3 lakhs to the Peshawar University of Pakistan for an auditorium.

April 14, 1966: Purchased an eight-seater French Mystere 20 Executive-class jet for visiting Jamats all over the world.

July 16, 1966: A Paris daily published an interview with Prince Karim Aga Khan in which he explained his role as Imam. (click here)

October, 1966: Mowlana Hazar Imam made a 54-day tour of East Africa and Malagasy Republic.

October 18, 1966: Arrived in Nairobi to a tumultuous welcome; visited the Jamat Khanas.

October 20, 1966: Was President Kenyatta's guest at Kenyatta Day celebrations.

October 20, 1966: Visited the 1.5 million Pounds I.P.S. Textile Mill in Arusha, Tanzania. Opened extensions to the Tanzania Litho premises in Arusha. In Moshi Mowlana Hazar Imam was welcomed to the Town Hall by the Chairman, Mr. O.M.J. Lema. Moshi Provincial Council hosted a luncheon for Hazar Imam at the residence of the Council President, Mr. Madat Mulji. Mowlana Hazar Imam visited the Aga Khan Secondary School and Aga Khan Hospital.

October 22-24, 1966: Arrived in Mombasa. Attended reception given by Mayor John Mambo. Mowlana Hazar Imam visited Mombasa I.P.S. shirt and sock factory, Aga Khan Secondary School and Aga Khan Hospital.

October 25, 1966: Visited Tanga; toured Kilimanjaro Blanket Corporation.

October 25-29, 1966: Visited Dar-es-Salaam. Spoke at Boys' Secondary School. Visited Nursery and Primary Schools. Inspected I.P.S. shirts factory, knitwear and hosiery factory and chemicals firm. Visited a non-I.P.S. concern, Mr. Ameer Bhatia's razor blade factory. Toured the 140,000 Pounds Aga Khan Hospital at Seaview. Met with officials of Tanzania Council of Muslim Welfare Society.

October 29-31, 1966: Flew to Europe for brief personal engagement.

October 31-November 3, 1966: Laid the foundation stone of a mosque being built by the E.A. Muslim Welfare Society at University College, Dar-es-Salaam, and contributed 20,000 Pounds towards the cost. (In 1961 he had contributed 54,000 pounds to the University College swimming pool). Opened Tabisco Biscuit Factory, a private Ismaili venture. Met with President Julius Nyerere.

November 1, 1966: Hazar Imam donated 54,000 Pounds for a swimming pool at Dar es Salaam University College.

November 3-4, 1966: Visited Lindi and Mtwara. Was interviewed on Radio Tanzania. Had tea at Regional Commissioner's house in Mtwara.

November 4-5, 1966: Mowlana Hazar Imam laid the foundation stone of a football stadium at Iringa.

November 6-7, 1966: Attended Town Council luncheon in Dodoma.

November 7-9, 1966: Visited Tabora and Kigoma.

November 9, 1966: Visited Shinyanga.

November 9-10, 1966: Visited Mbeya, Musoma and Mwanza.

November 10-15, 1966: Flew to Paris and New York for personal engagements.

November 15, 1966: Visited Malagasy Republic. Held discussions with President Philibert Tsiranana who decorated him with the country's highest honour, the "Grand Cross of the National Order of Malagasy Republic".

November 15, 1966: Was presented with the Golden Key to the Town of Majunga (in Malagasy Republic) by the Mayor.

November 20, 1966: President Syed Mohammed Sheikh of the Comoros conferred the "Grand Cross of the Green Crescent" on Mowlana Hazar Imam.

November 21-29, 1966: Visited Nairobi. Toured I.P.S. factories and Nation House. Attended luncheon at the Parliament Buildings as guest of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Humphrey Slade. Spent time in the Speaker's Gallery listening to M.P.s at Question Time. Addressed the East African Institute for Cultural and Social Affairs on "Education for Development". Visited Aga Khan High School and Aga Khan Primary School, Nairobi. Toured Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi where he presented badges and certificates to training graduates. Visited Kenya Litho.

November 25, 1966: Mowlana Hazar Imam called Third Conference of the Presidents of the World Ismailia Associations at Nairobi.

December 1-8, 1966: Arrived at Entebbe to begin a tour of Uganda. Spent five hours at State House in consultation with President Milton Obote. Had further discussions with Cabinet Ministers. Laid foundation stone of a 350,000 Pounds wheat flour mill in Kampala. Attended Kampala Mayor's Annual Christmas Charity Ball together with President Obote. Visited I.P.S. fish net factory in Kampala and held consultations with I.P.S. project partners. Visited Secondary school on Kibuli Hill. Attended reception given for him by Ismailis at Lugogo Stadium. Opened library at Aga Khan Secondary School. Inspected Health clinic attached to the Central Jamat Khana and laid foundation stone for 200,000 pounds Gomba Mansions. Attended luncheon reception given by Mr. Nekyon, National Association for the Advancement of Muslims. Visited Mbarara where he met the Omugabi of Ankole at the Kamukunzi Palace. At Jinja, Mowlana Hazar Imam hosted a dinner for President Obote and Government Ministers. Visited Masaka, Soroti and Mbale.

December 2, 1966: Hazar Imam attended the Mayor's Ball held in his honour at Lugogo Stadium on the evening of Friday 2nd December 1966. The function was attended also by President Milton Obote and other high ranking Uganda Government officials.

December 8-9, 1966: Visited Eldoret, Kisumu and Kisii, all in Kenya. At Kisumu, he laid the foundation stone of a bottling plant and attended a reception at the Town Hall. At Kisii, he had lunch with two Ministers, Mr. Lawrence Sagini and Mr. James Nyamweya.

December 10, 1966: Guest at a luncheon reception organised by the then Minister for Home Affairs, Mr. Daniel arap Moi. From Nakuru he travelled to Nyeri to visit the Jamat.

December 11, 1966: Mowlana Hazar Imam bade farewell to the Jamat at Embakasi Airport, Nairobi.


With students, Kampala, 1966

The Comoro Islands, 1966

With President Milton Obote, Uganda, 1966

With President Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya, 1966

Mowlana Hazar Imam; 1966

Mowlana Hazar Imam holding a cane, 1959

Mowlana Hazar Imam's visit to East Africa

Mowlana Hazar Imam delivering a Farman at Parklands Jamat Khana, Nairobi.

Mowlana Hazar Imam leaving Iringa Jamatkhana, Tanzania(With Mukhi Mr. A.M Hamir and Kamadia Mr. P.K.Lalji.

Performing engagement and marriage ceremonies in Dodoma, Tanzania.

A brief visit to Jinja. Here Mowlana Hazar Imam has just been garlanded before returning to Kampala.

Hazar Imam leaving the Masaka Jamatkhana.

The Aga Khan bandsmen take a breather to line the road at His Highness drives into Lindi from the airfield.

At Mtwara tea party His Highness got interested in a 14 year old Alnoor Kanji's Polaroid camera. He had taken a picture himself
but with below par results.

An afternoon tea at Regional Commissioner J.N. Nzunda's residence overlooking the Indian Ocean at Mtwara, provided a refreshing break in the busy Tanzania schedule.

Bibi Titi Mohammed President of the Umoja wa anawake in Tanzania with His Highness at a reception in Dar es Salaam.

During the East African tour, Mowlana Hazar left for Europe for a brief personal engagement; when He came back, his left ankle was encased in plaster and he needed a stout walking stick for support.

Diamond Jubilee Hall was the venue in Dar es salaam, where a lavish dinner was given for the Government Officials. His Highness is seen taking with the Second Vice-President Mr. Rashidi Kawawa. On their right is the Tanzanian Ismailia Council President, Mr. Abdulla K. Tejpar.

Chairman Hassanali Lakhani leads the way into his new biscuit factory in Dar es salaam before its official opening by The Aga Khan.

His Highness says good-bye at the end of a reception in Mwanza escorted by Mr. N.P. Dhanani, at whose house The Aga Khan stayed.

Dingi-Dingi the dance from Acholi
hundreds of guests at the Ismaili community's dinner and dance in Kampala for His Highness joined the Imam and Uganda's Inspector-General of Police, Mr. E.W.Oryema.

A visit to Malagasy gave The Aga Khan an opportunity to discuss with President Philibert Tsiranana and his Ministers future participation of the Ismaili community in the island's industrial development. His Highness signs the visitor's book at the Palais de Reine' with Him are Mr. Ratasisonana Minister for Cultural Affairs(right) and Mr. Ravohanghy Minister without Portfolio.

The Aga Khan is presented with the Keys to town of Majunga by the Mayor, Mr. Celestin Rakotoarivoajanahary.

Six-year Hastings Ombuia, the little African boy in the second row, was overcome with shyness when His Highness stopped to speak to him at The Aga Khan Primary School in Nairobi.

Watched by the President of the Ismailia Supreme Council for Africa, Sir Eboo Pirbhai, and the President of the Ismailia Council for Kenya, Mr. Akbarali G. Nanji, The Imam is garlanded after setting foot on Kenya soil at the start of His tour by the Mukhi of Nairobi, Mr. A. Kassam Lakha.

Mrs. Roshan Fatehali Dhalla, wife of the President of the Ismailia Executive Council for Africa, garlands Hazar Imam on arrival at Mombasa.

His Highness amused at the Mombasa IPS Shirt and Sock Factory.

Arriving at Makupa Road Jamatkhana in Mombasa, accompanied by Mukhi Mr. Kassamali Alibhai and the Kamadia, Mr. S.H. Amarshi, Hazar Imam walks past a parade of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts.

Hazar Imam speaks to senior girl pupils at the Ismailia joint secondary school in Mombasa.

After inspecting The Aga Khan Hospital, His Highness posed in the gardens with the staff and the members of the Board.

Mowlana Hazar Imam arriving in Leopoldville, November 1, 1966 6700178l
With President Felix Houphouet-Boigny at the first IPS project, Abidjan, 1967

H.H. The Aga Khan welcomed at Kinshasa [Leopoldville], Congo Jamatkhana

H.H. The Aga Khan in Kinshasa - Zaire

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