Aga Khan - Timeline - 1986

Aga Khan IV - Timeline - 1986


January 5, 1986: Prince Sadruddin and Princess Aleya visit Mombasa. At Bahati with Mombasa Council members, Mukhi, Kamadias and their spouses. (photo& text)

1986: Mowlana Hazar Imam's message regarding the New Constitution: " In providing the New Constitutional structure, I have also taken account of recent significant developments such as the increasingly international dimension of the Jamat's settlement, and especially My aspiration for the Jamat to play an even more active part than in the past in the mainstream of life in the societies in which it lives"

February 11, 1986: Ceremony marks the first phase of McMaster/ Aga Khan/ CIDA Project. President and Vice-chancellor of the University, Dr. Alvin Lee remarked, " It was not very long ago that His Highness and I were saying that some of the Western learning centers have emerged from another greater tradition - the Islamic Centres of learning of the 10th and 11th centuries now, in the later 20th century the East and the West are starting to co-operate this in a way has real significance."

March 1986: Hazar Imam established the Aga Khan Health and Education Service Companies in India, Pakistan, Kenya and Tanzania. These Service Companies, which are non-profit organizations, will relate to international non-profit, specialized service companies in Health and Education that are based in Geneva, Switzerland. Referring to these new structures, Hazar Imam said: "I would like My spiritual children to know that our unique tradition of voluntary service must continue to lie at the very heart of our institutions of health and education. The choice of incorporation as a form of organization reflects only the need to select a legal structure that will be helpful to our purpose and activities in the years ahead, not a change in our philosophy."

April 21-25, 1986: The 10th International Seminar of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture was opened by His Highness King Juan Carlos of Spain. Hazar Imam addressed the Inauguration Ceremony of the seminar entitled "Architecture Education in the Islamic World". Also present were Her Majesty Queen Sofia, Begum Salimah, Mata Salamat Om-e-Habibah and Prince Amyn Mohammad. (click here)

June 1986: Madrassah Projects, Mombasa, Kenya. The Aga Khan Foundation approved a three-year project to improve early childhood education for Muslim communities.

July 2, 1986: "Centuries of Gold" The Zamana Gallery's 4th Exhibition in London, England of rare Islamic coins, was attended by Begum Salimah, Mr. Robert Darley-Doram, Exhibition Director and Miss Jane De'Athe, Acting Gallery Director and a distiguished audience. Begum Salimah said: "The Zamana Gallery has begun fulfilling the mission for which it was conceived. His founding the Zamana Gallery was to improve understanding in the West of the arts and cultures of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. (click here)

October 8, 1986: Hazar Imam was interviewed by Ray Bonisteel of CBC Television, Toronto, Canada at Aiglemont for programme series called "Man Alive". Hazar Imam said; "I believe that there is no such thing as an underdeveloped country - only under-managed countries…"

October 15, 1986: Hazar Imam was guest at the University of London's Foundation Day celebrations commemorating the University's 150th anniversary of its Charter at the Barbican Centre. The event was hosted by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, the Chancellor and Lord Flowers, the Vice-Chancellor.

October 21 to 24, 1986: The Enabling Environment Conference entitled "The Enabling Environment for Effective Private Sector Contribution to Development in Sub-Saharan Africa" was held in Nairobi, Kenya under the auspices of the Aga Khan Foundation (Geneva), AKFED (Switzerland), the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Overseas Development Administration (U.K), C.I.D.A and other private Kenya-based companies. "Faces of Development" was the title of a display of over 100 colour photographs of Aga Khan Foundation projects.

October 24, 1986: Opening of Leather Industries of Kenya Ltd at Thika by President Daniel Arap Moi: Hazar Imam, speaking at the official opening ceremony, thanked the Government for supporting the establishment of the leather factory and described the leather project as a striking example of what business and government could achieve when working together.

October 24, 1986: Friday; Hazar Imam opened the new Aga Khan Sports Club and said that He had followed the development of the new club complex with great happiness. He wished the members of the club success in their sporting activities.

October 27, 1986: Hazar Imam visited the Jubilee Insurance Company Ltd offices and said: "The Company has progressed on a stable and sound path without dangerous ups and downs."

October 27, 1986: "Jubilee Insurance celebrates 50 years". To commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the incorporation of the Jubilee Insurance Company, a reception was held at the Serena Hotel in Mombasa. Present at the reception was Prince Amyn and other distinguished guests. (photo)

November 3 to 11, 1986: Hazar Imam visited Jamats in the U.S.A and gave Holy Deedar in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and New York.

November 3, 1986: Hazar Imam spoke at the Donor's Banquet in Los Angeles attended by leaders of various Ismaili institutions.

November 11, 1986 : Mowlana Hazar Imam spoke at a banquet held in his honor by the National Council of USA in New York. Hazar Imam said, ". . . and the point I am making is that this is really an international Jamat".

November 24, 1986: Aga Khan Award for Architecture presentation was held at the Badi Palace Marrakesh in Morocco and was attended by Hazar Imam who made a speech and by the Crown Prince of Morocco and the Crown Prince of Jordan.

November 25, 1986: In Rabat, King Hassan II of Morocco conferred the honour of "Le Grand Cordon de l'Ordre du Trone Cherifien" (Quissam Al-Arch) the highest Moroccan title. (See bellow - photo section)

November 25, 1986: Hazar Imam was guest at a dinner hosted by King Hassan of Morocco at the Royal Palace in Rabat. Other dignitaries included Prince Abdelaziz of Saudi Arabia. (Below - photo section)

December 1, 1986: Hazar Imam spoke at the Luncheon hosted by the Federal Council for Pakistan on the subject of "professionalization of volunteers" and the "voluntarization of professionals." (click here)

December 13, 1986: Hazar Imam ordained the New Ismaili Constitution at Merimont in Geneva. (photo)

December 20, 1986: Hazar Imam gave an interview to "Al-Mostakbul" newspaper of Cairo, Egypt. The interview was published under the title "The Critical Time"


Portrait of Mowlana Hazar Imam

Mowlana Hazar Imam admiring the crystal and gold momento, symbolizing growth, stability and financial strength, given to him by The Jubilee Insurance Company Limited, 1986

Mowlana Hazar Imam with Mr. Adam H. Ali, Commissioner of Insurance and Mr. Abdul Jaffer, Chairman of The Jubilee Insurance Company

At the recent meeting in Geneva where the Master Jury of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture was announced, Mowlana Hazar Imam is seen talking to Robert Venturi of the USA, member of the Award Master Jury, Mr. Hassan Uddin-Khan, member of the Steering Committee looks on

Mowlana Hazar Imam addressing the Inauguration Ceremony of the AKAA Seminar entitled "Architecture Education in the Islamic World" . King Juan Carlos opened the tenth International Seminar.

Mowlana Hazar Imam opening The New Aga Khan Sports Club in Nairobi; October 24, 1986

His Majesty King Hassan II, conferring the honour of Le Grand Cordon de l'Order du Trone Cherifien (Quissam Al-Arch) the highest Moroccan honour at the Royal Palace in Rabat on November 25, 1986.

at dinner hosted by King Hassan at the Royal Palace in Rabat November 25, 1986 in Hazar Imam's honor also attende by Prince Bendar ibn Abdelaziz of Saudi Arabia.

Mowlana Hazar Imam ordaining the new Jamati Constitution at Merimont in Geneva on December 13, 1986.

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