L. Khubee-E Adalkaa Bayaan - Significance Of Justice

mulak baadshaahee kaayam raheve, jo adal kare sultaan;
jo baadshaahne adal chhoddaa, to baadshaahee huee vaeraan;
adalse(n)thee gareebee vase, suno bhaaee gharbaaree;
adalsethee thoddee ghannee, vase duneeyaa saaree................121

The regime of a kingdom will remain lasting(stable) if the king is just. If the king abandons justice, the regime will collapse. Through justice poverty(humility) will prevail, listen o householder brothers. Through justice, little will be more and everybody in the world will live(satisfied).

us baadshaahkee dolat vaadhe, jo adal chalannee chaalaa;
jees baadshaahne adal chhoddaa, une aapkaa ghar ghaalaa;
mulak-kaa maalak to aap hae, saaheb seerjanhaar;
mulak le aadalku(n) deve, zaalam hove kho-aar...................122

The wealth of a king will increase if he conducts himself in a just manner. A king who abandons justice, has indeed ruined his home. The Lord, Creator Himself is the king of the kingdom. He entrusts the kingdom to be governed by justice, but if injustice is done, all is ruined.

aadal baadshaahkaa saahyaa aysaa, jaesaa saahyaa hae rabakaa;
ke aadalke saahye neeche aaraam paave, khalakatke deel sabakaa;
ees kaayaa nagareeme(n) baadshaahee teree, aap upar kar adal saahyaa;
halaal haraam jo pahechhaan chalasee, to aaraam paaesee teree kaayaa......123

The shelter of a just king is like the shelter of the Lord. For under the shelter of a just king there is peace and comfort in in the hearts of all creatures. In this bodily city you are the king, maintain a shelter of justice over yourself. In you proceed with an understanding of what is lawful and unlawful, your body will achieve peace.

aadal so jo aysaa samaje, ke ye khalakat sab hae rabakee;
to keeseekaa deel aazurdaa na kare, deelme(n) raakhe mohab-bat sabakee;
jo shaytaanee khatare chor hae, so deelke mulakse neekaale dur;
to aabaad hove mulak usakaa, deel par roshan hove rabakaa nur...124

A just one is he/she who understands that this world entirely belongs to the Lord. Therefore he/she does not hurt the feelings of others and retains love for everyone in his/her heart. The satanic obstacles are thieves, so he/she dispels them from the heart's kingdom. Then his/her kingdom becomes prosperous and his/her heart is enlightened by the Nur of the Lord.

baadshaahkaa zulam bhalaa hae, raeeyatke parape(n)chse(n)thee;
ek lekhe vae zulam thoddaa, raeeyat parape(n)ch kare hoy jetee;
jeebh teraa hae baadshaah baetthaa, vae tuj upar na kare aazaab;
jo kare to bee bhalaa usathee, ke jo paa(n)ch tuje meelkar kare kharaab....125

The injustice of the king is better than the manoeuvres of the people. One committed by the king is regarded as little, but when people perform manoeuvres they are regarded as large. Your tongue is where the king is seated. He does not inflict punishment upon you. Even if he does, it is better than the five(vices) meeting you and performing evil.

***** This verse to be clarified.

hak baat sun kabul karanee, yeh bee hae deen neeshaanee;
dushaman kahe yaa dost kahe, yaa kahe koee eenshaan;
une tuje chott hatheeyaar fe(n)kaa, tu(n) aap haath kar hatheeyaar soee;
hak baat sun kabul kar aap man leekh, kahenhaar mat dekh hove koee...........126

Listening to the truth and accepting it is indeed the sign of religion. This is the case whether an enemy or a friend or any human tells it to you. He has thrown upon you a useful weapon. Handle this weapon carefully. Listen to the truth and accept it in your mind. Do not consider the status of the speaker.

deelku(n) jo sakhtee gafalat so, pett bhar khaannese hay aatee;
pett bhar khaanne geenaan ghatte, or shudh budh hay usakee jaatee;
bhaaee been khaanne jeeve na koee, pann thoddaa khaannaa karee-e aadat;
haraam hoe khaannaa jo kayesaa khaave, ke na kar shake rabakee eebaadat......127

Miseries and negligence of the heart result from overeating. By overeating knowledge and wisdom decreases, and intelligence and awareness leaves you. Brother, without eating one cannot live, but form a habit of eating less. How can you consume that which is unlawful? By such consumption one cannot perform the Lord's service (ibaadat).

baadshaahu(n)kaa khaannaa hotth jeelaave, samaj hoe so sheekhaa;
deel taajaa na hove usathee, hotth jaanne khaattaa meetthaa teekhaa;
halaal khaannese deel taajaa hove, halaal khaannaa to hae meetthaa;
jeene khaaee kamaaee rottee hakakee, une ana(n)t svaad deetthaa.128

The food of the king excites the lips, if this understanding is there, then one has indeed learned. The heart does not become fresh by it. The lip knows what is sour, sweet or hot. By consuming lawful food, the heart is refreshed. The lawful food is sweet. The one who has consumed lawfully earned food, has tasted untold delights.

deelakee roshanee hae halaal khaannese, cheto bhaaee karo aahaar halaal;
usakaa eemaan deel donu(n) a(n)dheraa, jo koee khaave haraam maal;
ees ghatt mee(n)darme(n) deevaa deel hae, jo huvaa a(n)dheraa to eemaankee khott;
huee a(n)dheree nagaree koee keese naa suje, paa(n)ch chor meelkar lu(n)tte chottaa chott.....129

The enlightenment of the heart comes from lawful consumption, therefore brothers, be heedful and consume what is lawful. The Imaan(Faith) and heart is blinded of the one who consumes unlawful property. In this body the Divine Lamp is the heart. If this lamp is extinguished, your Imaan will be at a loss. When the bodily city is darkened thus, nothing worthwhile can happen and the five thieves i.e., lust, anger, greed, pride and temptation will come and meet from all directions and loot away everything worthwhile.

jeesaku(n) hakane baddaaee deetee, dunee-aake bohot lok usake taabe aave;
to laazam hae use eensaaf karanaa, jo keeseekaa deel nahee dukhaave;
to usakaa martabaa jeeyaadaa hove, sab raheve usake farmaan bardaar;
eensaafse(n)thee eej-jat paave, e farmaayaa shaahe dul dul asvaar.....130

The one who has been graced with a high status, is in control of many people of the world. It is therefore necessary for him to exercise fairness and justice, he should not harm anyone's feelings. As a result his status will increase and everybody will be obedient to his commands. Through fairness and justice, he achieves honour and respect. This is said by the Divine Rider of the horse DUL DUL.

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