Hazar Imam in Central Asia, August 2000

EBRD To Invest in kyrgyz charter capital
BISHKEK, Sep 2: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) plans to invest $1.4 in the charter capital of the Kyrgyz Credit Investment Bank now being formed. Total charter capital at the new bank will total $7 million. ...[more]
Kazakhastan supports establishing central asian university for mountain regions spacialists
ASTANA, Sep 1: President Nazarbayev met prince Karim Aga Han, the leader of the muslim Ismailites, in Astana on August 31. They signed the Contract on establishing a unique international university for exclusive development of education and researches of mountain regions of the Central Asia. ... [more]
KAZAKHSTAN: Leader of The World's Ismailits Visits Astana.
ASTANA, Aug 31: Correspondents of RFE/RL report that leader of the world's Ismailits Doctor Kareem Aga Khan visited Astana and held talks with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev today, August 31. At the press conference held after the talks President Nazarbayev said that Dr. Aga Khan agreed to allocate $5 million for establishing branches of Central Asian University in Astana and Almaty. ...[more]
Two more universities licensed
KAMPALA, Aug 31:The Ministry of Education has licensed two more universities, bringing to 10 the number of private universities legally allowed to operate in the country. Aga Khan University of Nursing and Kigezi International School of Medicine are the latest to be licensed. ...[more]
Kazakh leader, Aga Khan sign accord to set up central asain university
ASTANA, Aug 31: Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Prince [Karim] Aga Khan, the Imam of Imami Ismaili Shiah Muslims (the spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims) signed an agreement today to set up in the republic a branch of a Central Asian university. ...[more]
Aga Khan gives 5M dollars to branch university in Kyrgyzstan
BISHKEK, Aug 30: Prince [Karim] Aga Khan IV [the leader of world Ismaili Muslims] will allocate 5m dollars for the development of the programme of the University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan [a branch will be set up in Kyrgyzstan], he said at the signing ceremony of an agreement on setting up the university. ...[more]
Kyrgyz president, Aga Khan sign accord to set up central asian university
BISHKEK, Aug 30: Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev and Prince Aga Khan IV [the leader of the world Ismailis] have signed an agreement to set up a Central Asian university to develop education in and study mountainous regions. The agreement is of historic significance not only for the countries of Central Asia as this university, the first of the kind, is aimed at raising living standards of all the people whose lives and prosperity depend on the social and economic development of the world's highest mountainous territories, Akayev said. ...[more]
Kyrgyz president, Aga Khan agree to built a "Harvard for central asia"
BISHKEK, Aug 30: Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev and Prince Aga Khan IV, the leader of the world's Ismailis, signed a treaty today on setting up a Central Asian University branch that will promote education in and studies of mountainous areas and societies. The university will become a Harvard for Central Asia, Akayev said. People living in Central Asian mountainous areas need an infrastructure if they are to lead a normal life, he said. ...[more]
Aga Khan to found regional university in Tajikistan
BISHKEK, Aug 30: Islamic leader Prince Karim al Hussaini Aga Khan IV plans to found a religious university to educate mountaineers in Central Asia's republics of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, a Tajik official said Monday. The Aga Khan, who is leader of the Ismaili group of Islam's Shiite branch, met Tajikistan's President Emomali Rakhmonov on Monday to discuss his plans for the university, Rakhmonov's press spokesman Zafar Saidov told AFP. ...[more]
World Ismaili leader leaves tajik capital for Kyrgyzstan
DUSHANBE, Aug 29: His Majesty [Prince Karim] Aga Khan IV [the world leader of the Ismailis, a Shiah Muslim sect], who had visited Tajikistan at the invitation of Tajik President Emomali Rahmonov, left Dushanbe today. ...[more]
BBC Monitoring International reports: Aga Khan to invest in building modern hotel in tajik capitel
DUSHANBE, Aug 29: Prime Minister Oqil Oqilov of Tajikistan yesterday met Aga Khan IV, who came to our country to sign an agreement on setting up a Central Asian university. The aforementioned agreements signedby Aga Khan IV and President Emomali Rahmonov of Tajikistan. ...[more]
Central Asian States, Aga Khan sign treaty to launch regional university
DUSHANBE, Aug 29: : The University of Central Asia is being established by an international treaty being signed here on Monday and in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic on Wednesday. Twenty five million people who depend for their lives and livelihoods, on highest mountain ranges, will benefit from the world's first university dedicated exclusively to education and research on mountain regions and societies. ... [more]
1. Aga Khan visits Tajikistan 2.Aga Khan visits Kyrgyzstan
RFE/RL Newsline, Aug 28: 1. Tajikistan's President Imomali Rakhmonov met in Dushanbe on 28 August with the visiting spiritual head of the world Ismaili community, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, Asia Plus Blitz reported. 2. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV met in Bishkek on 30 August with Kyrgyz President Askar Akaev to discuss the planned Central Asian University, RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service reported. The Aga Khan has donated toward the Dushanbe and Bishkek colleges of that institution a total of $5 million each. ...[more]
His Highness The Aga Khan IV arrived in Dushanbe
DUSHANBE, Aug 28: Yesterday, August 27, the spiritual leader of Ismailis of the world Prince Karim Aga Khan arrived in Dushanbe. According to information received from the Dushanbe office of the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), the main purpose of the visit is signing of a Treaty on opening of International University, which will be of great significance for the population and culture of mountain societies of Central Asia. ...[more]
High hopes for mountain campus
DUSHANBE, Aug 28: 1.Students will be drawn from mountain areas: Plans to build a university focusing on the needs of mountain societies have been launched in Central Asia. 2.High-altitude challenges: The Pamir contains some of the greatest mountain ranges on earth. 3.Distance learning: Courses at the university will range from the natural sciences to business and cultural studies. Students will be drawn from mountain areas. ... [more]
BBC Monitoring International reports:1.Agreement reached in Tajikistan on new university, 2.Tajik head, Aga Khan IV sign agreement to open central asian university
DUSHANBE, Aug 28:1.The world leader of the Ismaili Shiah Muslim sect, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, on Monday signed an agreement with Tajik President Emomali Rahmonov to found a Central Asian university, Tajik radio reported. 2.Tajik President Emomali Rahmonov received His Majesty Prince Karim Aga Khan today. The presidential spokesman, Zafar Saidov, comments: ... [more]
Aga Khan, CARs to launch varsity
DUSHANBE, Aug 28: The Aga Khan and Tajikistan President Emomali Rakhmonov signed a treaty here on Monday to launch a university dedicated to studies on mountainous regions and societies. ... [more]
Tajikistan`s President meets Aga Khan
DUSHANBE, Aug 28: Tajikistan's President Imomali Rakhmonov met in Dushanbe on 28 August with the visiting spiritual head of the world Ismaili community, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, Asia Plus-Blitz reported. ...[more]
Aga Khan arrives in Tajikistan to discuss university issue.
DUSHANBE, Aug 27 (Itar-Tass) : Spiritual leader and Imam of Ismaili Muslims Karim Aga Khan has come to Dushanbe by invitation of President Emomali Rakhmonov to discuss the opening of an international university. ...[more]
BBC Monitoring International reports:1. Ismaili leader arrives in Tajikistan, 2. World Ismaili world leader Aga Khan IV arrives in Tajikistan
ISLAMABAD, Aug 27: 1.The world leader of the Ismailis, a Shiah Muslim sect, arrived in Tajikistan on Sunday as part of a tour of Central Asia. 2.His Majesty Prince Karim Aga Khan IV arrived in our republic [Tajikistan] today. ...[more]
Ismaili leader in Tajikistan
BBC World Center UK, Aug 27: The spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims, Prince Karim Aga Khan, has arrived in Tajikistan at the start of a six-day tour of Central Asia. ...[more]
Interfax: Leader of Moslem Ismailites to arrive in Tashkent
DUSHANBE. Aug 24 (Interfax) - The spiritual leader of Moslem Ismailites Aga Khan IV is arriving in Tajikistan on Sunday as part of his six-day tour of Central Asian countries, including Tajikistan. Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. ...[more]
Business Recorder: Aga Khan Health Services poens Medical Center in Bihar Colony
KARACHI, Aug 21 : A new medical centre of the Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS), Pakistan in Bihar Colony was inaugurated here on Friday by Deputy Commissioner South, Shoaib Siddiqui. Members of the Colony's Panchayat Committee and senior local government officials attended the ceremony. ...[more]
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